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The Concept of Subrealities - Part 1

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I have to say, you ask very GOOD questions. I deeply appreciate good questions. It's like having a good checkers partner. (I love checkers.) Simple and complex all in one.

Alex Wrote:
Ok, another question for discussion, I thought of :)

You mentioned your concept of sub-realities, which I am pretty sure I understand fairly well.

You expressed your driving force to live without being within other peoples' sub-realities. After a couple days of reflecting on this, I want to ask,

1) How can you know you aren't in a sub-reality?

2) And if you can't then what is the point of trying to escape all sub-realities? (well you can answer this, even if you believe you CAN know)

3) And, since for me pure happiness is the purpose, does being in a sub-reality even matter towards The Purpose of pure happiness?
Andrew Responds:

1) You can know. This is what my Bigger Self and I are actively and aggressively hashing out with OURSELVES. LOL. In my case, my deepest DESIRE, and I have been reading your thread about "What I believe." (great stuff), is FREEDOM. This was my stated intention before this life. This is what I wanted beyond anything else. From all the lifetimes I lived before, and all the previous incarnations of Andrew Wilcox, I wanted freedom. I have lived some "beyond imagination" lifetimes. I have led planets. I have destroyed worlds. But I WANT freedom. What I am discovering is that this desire for "freedom", was stemming from my interaction and enmeshment with others. This is way to broad an understanding to put into even a full book, for me. Hmmmmm...

2) I can know. So this question is a bit backwards for me, but I'll answer the original intent of the question. I don't wish to escape ALL subrealities. In fact, creating subrealities is QUITE FUN, and there are non-physical beings with whom I am interacting, where we intentionally and deliberately create joyful, blissful, subrealties, for all involved. Beings CAN and DO create selfish subrealties for the purpose of ensnaring others (Ehemem, Allbedamneded). My goal then, is to BE ALERT and PAY ATTENTION to the subrealities I may be invited to enter. In truth, each person's personal perspective of me is a subrealityty, but not everyone DEMANDS I agree with them.

I'm not a big fan of the Jes-ter. Heheh... clever. But the Jes-ter used to NOT be able to heal people unless they "believed", unless they "handed their power over on a golden platter".

For example, if I enter an intimate relationship with someone who even just harbors a remote doubt that I might be mentally ill, they will present this subreality to me on a constant basis, even if it's not directly on their minds. And I will be constantly having to say, "No, No, No. That's not who I am." This is what is happening on the "I AM 2 pointing like Mad!" thread. The "abusers" are demanding that I agree to their subreality, their perception of me. I refuse. I AM Who I AM. People not centered within themselves, not connected to who they are, NEED agreement. They need that power and they need that control. Someone centered within themselves, following themselves, connected to themselves, can be blissfully happy even when the whole world disagrees. This is freedom for me. Joining subreality, especially a collective, simply to get agreement (i.e. "love"), in my perspective is absolute death. It's worse than death. I have given my SELF away.

So long as one is allow SELF, it doesn't matter. For me it matters, because of Who I AM, and where my consciousness is within its OWN development. I like my SELF. I like my individualness. I like my personality. I like my conscious perspective, and I can choose to keep it. Now, in my perspective, there are others. There are definitely others, that don't always have intentions that are joyful and blissful to me, which is evident even within the above thread. The physical circumstances are a mirror of what exists in non-physical. Everyone I'm interacting with, including you, is a non-physical being, and we're pretending to be physical, but we are still actually non-physical. The non-physical communication happens first, and then the physical details get played out.

I'm becoming more and more aware of the, what I call, psychic agreements being made, before the circumstances actually happen. I know what the replies to my posts will be, especially for people on the attack, BEFORE I hit submit. LOL. I'm planning my posts, sometimes, four days ahead, because I'm just watching the other people thrash about. I know where they're at. I know what they're thinking about me. I know what they're planning. It's very funny. In your case, you don't have any direct intentions toward me. You are simply thinking and expressing yourself and sharing, that's the word, sharing YOURSELF. So, your posts are always a pleasant surprise. They don't get tripped on the radar so to speak, because the intentions are pure.

Alex Wrote:
My answers:
1) I'm not sure how you can know. Perhaps your Bigger You is pulling you through the different layers of sub-realities, but how can you know you have reached absolute freedom from them... Jury is out on this one for me.
Andrew Responds:

There are knowables. I EXIST. This is the foundation of ABSOLUTE reality. I THINK. I CHOOSE. And so on... There is a fundamental logic of self. There is a fundamental set of knowables that can be observed and then inferred from conscious self awareness.

I am by no means suggesting that this is important for anyone, or is THE WAY to go. It's just the way I WANT, because I WANT FREEDOM. I want to know ME in my fullest potential as an existent being.

Here's the deal. Our Bigger Selves have made choices and have "beliefs". I think I'll stop there. Never mind.

Alex Wrote:
2) I think the point would be that purer levels of sub-realities may be more conducive to pure happiness

3) I don't think it matters towards The Purpose of pure happiness, YET follow me here. By entering pure happiness your core, or your Bigger You will tend to pull you out of sub-realities naturally.

Andrew Responds:

Yes. I agree. By connecting to self, we will eventually... EVENTUALLY... exit all subrealities, but this could be a VERY long time, for some people, because they are CHOOSING adamantly to believe in a subreality (i.e Allbedamneded is the highest. Therefore, the smartest. Therefore, better than me.). Most religions fall into that category to some degree. For example, a being, even a Bigger Being that believes there is a god above themselves, will find and follow that god even in death, and eventually reincarnate (in some dimension) based upon interaction with that god. That "god" may or may not have their best intentions at heart. That "god" may be an out and out liar. That "god" may actually be doing everything in its power to keep them a slave to that subreality. It happens. No big deal. Eventually... in a galaxy far, far, away... they might figure it out and free themselves... maybe.

So. I'm NEVER saying my way is THE WAY. I'm saying, through my own experience and perception, I'm seeking freedom, and this is what I'm finding and what is working for me. And, as we have already discussed, I have NO IDEA what will work for another, because there's no way I can know their beliefs, choices, perspectives, intentions, whatever. No promises from me. They could have had the intention to always be the one that anything I say fails for. Doh! I could waste my whole life trying and everything I said would fail for them. Whatever.

This is getting long, so I'll answer your next post in another post.

Please append, "in my opinion", to the above post. (This is for the stupid ones.)

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