Saturday, March 7, 2009

Attractive Promises - Andrew's Second Book

Well, I'm on. I just wrote another book, and this one, in my arrogant, self-centered, opinion, surpasses the last one, even though the last one is, indeed, amazing, and should be read by anyone who isn't getting the results they expect from the attractive promises of law of attraction.

Attractive Promises is more general in scope and does not deal with the law of attraction directly, but addresses the smiling, gurus of love, that are keen to enslave anyone who has a few fears or doubts about life. If you want freedom, this is the book for you.

Attractive Promises
How to own friends and acquire people.

You can still get what you want, but not with law of attraction. Law of attraction is an empty promise, a belief drug, a distraction from your real power, a method by which slick haired salesmen and superior beings from beyond ensnare the attention and focus of well-meaning individuals.

My only question to you is... where's your stuff?


  1. "My only question to you is... where's your stuff?"

    Why, is there a competition or something? LOL

  2. The question was not intended within the interpretative context you perceived.

    The question was intended to have people examine the results they are receiving with the "Flaw of Attraction" compared to the results they were promised, or, shall we say, are being promised on a regular basis.

    What's the point of endlessly following a system that promises you can be, do, or have anything you desire, when most people don't get to be, do, or have what they desire?

    What's the point of me sitting quietly, and not expressing the lies and contradictions I've found within a system I once believed in and taught adamantly.

    What's the point of your comment?

  3. There isn't any. I'm just being me.

  4. Are you asking me to leave for some reason?


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