Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Psychic Domination - Part 2

I think this video speaks for itself. There is definitely a strong DESIRE to believe and for RESULTS here. You can't say all those people are "faking" it. Something real is happening to them.

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  1. Andrew!

    Food for thought:

    is there ever a point where you are 100% free from psychic domination? My answer is no. To some degree you are always at the whim of some percentage of outside psychic influence.

    But in my experience it doesn't matter!

    Psychic domination is just accepting another person's reality as real. Or accepting what they project about us as real.

    In fact, it might just be exactly what the "doctor ordered"...

    For example, if I let-go and follow the beat of my unique me, listen to the me speaking from within me, and and it says clearly: "go to this man, and listen to what he says", then I will. And I will do what he says. And I will accept his version of reality into my own, because my letting-go "told me to"...

    From my experience I would say that your choices (choices being your word) don't have to come from you. Maybe in your way of seeing things they are coming from a greater part of you. From my perspective I just let it all go. And whatever "sticks" is what I should do. Does that make sense?

    We humans don't even know what we want. Like you said: who really knows that they don't want to be poor? These ideas come from tv! People watch tv, and then think that is life. I have recently decided that I actually do want to be poor. Well, not poor poor. But certainly not rich in possessions. :) I honestly WANT that. But it is a want that has been "revealed" to me. Not a want that I decided upon by watching tv...

    If we don't know what we want, then perhaps we may not even know that being dominated psychicly can be to our benefit.

    I would say that it absolutely can be to a person's benefit.

    Food for thought,

    All the best bro,

  2. Yes. There is a point where you can be 100% free from psychic domination and influence. I'm not saying that is good or bad, but it is possible, and I personally have the self revealed internal tools to do that. Because that's what I'm wanting, for me.

    Accepting another person's reality as real for them is not the same thing as agreeing to their projections. Yes, I acknowledge that everyone else's reality is real to them, however, I do not always make the same choices or agreements. In other words, a scientist lives in a REAL reality composed of physical stuff that somehow produces this intangible thing called consciousness. I can see and observe and understand their "reality". I do not agree.

    They can tell me that when I feel thoughts, there's actually just something wrong with my brain, but then I'm allowing them to be my "god". I'm allowing them to create my reality for me, for whatever reason. I don't agree.

    Thus, for me. Knowing who is influencing me, and why, is VERY important, because I can be manipulated and controlled into making choices that I don't actually want and I'm not aware of. Can you imagine any humans that want to control and manipulate others through lies for selfish purposes that have no benefit for the "victim"? Then there are non-physical entities doing exactly that same thing. If it can happen in physical, it can happen at ANY level of consciousness.

    Some beings actually WANT to be slaves. Fine. Enjoy. Right on. If you have the right master, that could be your bliss. Great. Enjoy that. I don't care.

    I am simply expressing that from my perspective of wanting FREEDOM and TRUTH, that this has become VERY important.

    I have completely healed my shoulder, because I payed attention to and removed, yes, removed, not ignored, or focused upon something else, but removed, the control and influence thoughts that were building up there. Law of attraction has no power to remove thoughts. There's not one line written about that, and yet the ability to do this exists, and is a fundamental aspect of consciousness. Yet, we're not told this. We're told to ignore and pretend things don't exist, which is ultimately just denial, and leads to powerlessness.

    When I ACKNOWLEDGE my Now, then I empower myself to make the choices necessary to be Who I Am and get what I want. When I ignore and dream about the future, I get stuck in the present with what I'm trying to get away from.

    I know what I want, because YES, I stopped watching TV and letting rich losers tell me who I am and what's important. I stopped letting spiritual assholes and abusers hide behind "oneness" and "law of attraction", convince me my disgust and desire to kill them were wrong. Who I AM is Who I AM. How I feel is how I feel. It's valid. It's worthy. It is ME, and anything that tries to separate me from me or make ME wrong, is an abuser, and does not have MY best interests at heart.

    That's just me, because I WANT FREEDOM. I want full authority, understanding, and control over my thought space, and thus my reality, which I AM very quickly coming to have. And "law of attraction" has NOTHING to do with it. "Law of attraction" is a lie that steals power from those attempting to make it work.

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  4. Andrew,

    Good stuff.

    I was thinking about what I wrote, and really, as I am always following my(inner)self, then if I choose to agree with another's reality, well then I'm aware, and then, it is my reality. And thus my choice.

  5. "because I can be manipulated and controlled into making choices that I don't actually want and I'm not aware of."

    What about "Your life is deliberate"?

    You've already made the choices at this fundamental level of consciousness so if you are, as Andrew Wilcox,thinking that you can be manipulated then perhaps that's a choice you've already made and so it's perfect.


  6. I'm not going to waste time explaining how lies work to someone who isn't listening.


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