Sunday, March 29, 2009

To Jobo Pooks - Part 2

Ok, Jobo, since you IGNORED my simple request to stop using comments to send me email now, which demonstrates your lack of respect and violence. I will now go back and address as many of the existing posts that you made as I can. I have grouped them according to their subject matter, and will attempt to address each one as fully as I possibly can.

I want you to be aware, that I AM deleting the comments you CONTINUE to send to me without reading them, because you are VIOLENT and ABUSIVE. YOU ARE NOT MY DOCTOR. YOU ARE NOT MY PSYCHOLOGIST. YOU ARE A FUCKING LOSER TRYING TO ABUSE ME. I WILL NOT TOLERATE ABUSE.

The first contradiction you are attempting to BEAT me down with, without respect, without dignity, without care or concern for MEANINGFUL DIALOG is this, and I post all of your comments that are related to this. The first one is the simplest.

Jobo Pooks Comment #1.a
"Your life is deliberate"

In saying this, are you speaking for others?

In other words; are you telling others what their reality is?

Jobo Pooks Comment #1.b
You are telling people what their reality is Andrew.

"Your life is deliberate"

My life is what I experience it to be according to my reality; it's not what you say it is because you've changed your mind about something. Ha!

You used to be really funny man; now you're fucking hilarious!

Jobo Pooks Comment #1.c
What about "Your life is deliberate"?

You've already made the choices at this fundamental level of consciousness so if you are, as Andrew Wilcox,thinking that you can be manipulated then perhaps that's a choice you've already made and so it's perfect.


Jobo Pooks Comment #1.d
Who are you to tell others what their path of joy is? Ha!

You made FOUR comments that say virtually the same thing. I am the type of person that takes all comments and criticizm seriously. BUT... four comments posted with days of each other which express and MOCK perceived contradictions within me, without giving me AMPLE TIME to think and respond intelligently... is SPAM.

You could have had the decency to take the time to write ONE well written statement of perceived contradiction, and then had the RESPECT to give me TIME to answer that statement. BUT NO, you had to post FOUR, and are CONTINUING to post more, without allowing me time to ANSWER. Asshole. Spammer. Identified abuser.

So, now, that I have time. I'm going to answer this, even thought I fully expect if I ever allowed you to comment there again, you would continue to drive this into the ground without listening to what I'm about to say. Jerk.

Here is my simple response:

Please append, "In my opinion" or "From my perspective" to ALL of my statements. If I forget to type those words, I am stating clearly once and for all that that is my intended meaning.

I AM stating clearly that I DO NOT HAVE THE ANSWERS FOR OTHER PEOPLE. I have answers and deep thinkings that ARE WORKING FOR ME. I state clearly, that if you want to be a slave, be a slave. Enjoy. I state clearly, that if you want to be an abuser, be an abuser, but I will hunt you down and KILL you if necessary to make the abuse stop. If you want more FREEDOM, I MAY have some information that you MIGHT find useful. I don't know if you will find it useful, so I AM here expressing myself as clearly as I possibly can, so that you can make that decision for yourself. MOST of the information I have to share, is ON THIS BLOG FOR FREE, most, but not all. AND, I AM doing my best to deal with the thoughts, ideas, questions, criticizms, and IDENTIFIED ABUSERS THAT HAVE NO BASIC RESPECT FOR ANOTHER INDIVIDUAL AND THEIR TIME.

I believe that's answered sufficiently.

Jobo Pooks Comment #1.e and #2.a
(Oh, great, another comment that has the previous comments embedded within it... fuck.)
Hmmmm. So they tell others what they believe to be true in their reality in the hope that others will be interested enough to purchase their material and in so doing they make money to buy things that will perhaps make them feel how they could feel without the money and going to all the bother of touring and dealing with the business side of things etc?

Perhaps they enjoy it all.

And after all; their life is deliberate; isn't it?


If you're going to post a criticiam and the MOCK me at the end of it with laughter, then you are demonstrating that A) you are an abuser B) you are not actually going to listen to my response and C) NOT someone I care to interact with. But I AM all about being real and honest and having MEANINGFUL DIALOG with individuals that can communicate with RESPECT.

Now. This comment is about the Dicks, and indirectly other "Lie of Attraction" swindlers.

I don't claim the to know the underlying motivations and intentions for beings that deliberately choose to and feel good about selling EMPTY PROMISES to poor and desperate people. My stated philosophy is BE YOURSELF, and if your a two-bit con-artist and that's your joy, the by all means be the BEST god damn fucking con-artist you can be. BUT, that will NOT STOP ME FROM EXPRESSING MYSELF. I AM the type of person that WILL NOT sit idly by while someone is getting raped from my perspective. I AM the type of person that believes in aligned action. I AM the type of person that believes ANGER has it's place.

I don't expect the "Lie of Attraction" con-artists to change. I'm not on THEIR sites DEMANDING answers, like you are from me. I'm HERE, in MY OWN REALM, expressing what I KNOW to BE TRUE for ME. This is MY HOME, and you are a GUEST here. If you come in to my home as a guest, and you start kicking me and breaking my stuff, I will THROW YOUR ASS OUT. If you want to get a billboard right next to my home with a big arrow that says, "EVIL LOSER". I won't stop you. You're not in my home at that point. That is your right and freedom as a individual being, and I fully respect that. Like I said, if you're an abuser, be the best abuser you can be. Go for it.

Jobo Pooks Cooment #3.a
You and Jack have parted company and jack is in the past.

You and the Hicks gang parted company and that is in the past.

All you are interested in is you.

Why are you hauling this ab/hicks shit around then?

So you don't give a shit about people, but you do.

Jobo Pooks Comment #3.b
Then why tell others what to do?

You have no need to prove anything do you?

Or does your casting out by the Hicks gang piss you off and that's why you're still dragging that fucker around?

I am not dragging anyone around. I AM EXPRESSING WHAT I KNOW. These comments are subversively superior, because they have the assumption that it is somehow MY "spiritual" obligation to drop the past. This is your BELIEF. It is NOT MINE. If I went around dropping the past, then I would no be aware in this moment that YOU are an IDENTIFIED ABUSER, who communicates with NO RESPECT and VIOLENCE. The PAST is VERY important to me, as it allows me to identify and move around my current environment with ease, so that I don't have to continually reidentify the liers, the abusers, the violent ones, whatever. My past allows me to KNOW what I need to DO in my present. I value my past. That's why it exists.

If someone lies to me and takes advantage of me, I'm the type of person that will express that, whether anyone else finds that information useful or not. If there's a fucking lion in the woods waiting to eat people that I barely escaped from, then I'm going to let my friends and family know it's there, so that I don't have listen to their screams. And, perhaps, together we will DO SOMETHING about that lion, so that we can live in PEACE. That's the type of person that I AM.

Jobo Pooks Comment #4.a
May I ask, Andrew:

What is your ulterior motive in exposing all these things that you experience as lies to anyone who may listen?


I believe my motives are clear from my above posts, but I will reiterate them AGAIN, for the stupid ones. I would also like to say that I do not appreciate the condescending tone and mockery contained in this comment. Fuck you.

My motives are to let people know about the "Lie of Attraction" that I found to be abusive and an underhanded attempt to keep me a slave. If others find my expression useful, so be it. If not, so be it. I will express it, because I AM the person that believes in OPEN, HONEST, PRESENT communiation about Who We Are. Until you drop the condescention and mockery, you WILL NEVER get another comment on this blog again... EVER. And, I've already asked you to leave, and to stop commenting, and you CONTINUE. This is VIOLENCE. If you are hitting me, and I ask you to stop, you are RAPING ME. This is the definition of rape. Rape is violent. Fuck you.

Jobo Pooks Comment #5.a
So, and only if you really want to, read and absorb what I say. Make up your own mind; even though your life is deliberate, then pop on over to my shop and buy as much of my stuff as you feel like buying because I'm saying something different?

LOL. This is pure entertainment. Thanks.

God damn it. This is the SAME FUCKING comment I just addressed multiple times. MORE SPAM canned with MORE MOCKERY. How many times are you going to make the same comment without giving me TIME to respond? How many times are you going to RAPE me and continue to do what I ask you to stop, out of respect and decenty, letting you know full well that it feels bad to me. You're a fuckin' rapist.

Jobo Pooks Comment #6.a
Selling your reality is as good a way as any of getting food and water and shelter and clothing. LOL Drew. Thanks for the memories.

Within the confines of this backwards, tiny, completely lackful little drama called the "human race", we are obligated to sell our realities. Science is selling it's reality. Wall street is selling it's reality. YOU are fucking selling your reality.

YOU KNOW WHAT. MOST OF MY LIFE SO FAR HAS BEEN EXPRESSING MYSELF FOR FUCKING FREE. There are days, if not weeks, if not months of my thoughts and opinions expressed for absolutely FREE, out there in forusm and/or audio programs. Most of what I'm saying here is ON THIS BLOG FOR FREE. FUCK YOU for not having the decency, respect, or common courtesy to pay attention and listen and observe, before jumping to conclusions. I HAVE SPENT 5 of more years of my life studying the "Lie of Attraction". You have litterally less than a months worth of information about my current endevours. FUCK YOU.

Jobo Pooks Comment #7.a
"This audio is two solid hours of only "the tone". I'm totally addicted to the tone now. I have it running in a loop on my computer all day and all night. It resonates certain parts of the body and prolonged exposure, at least in my case, is starting to induce certain states of bliss. I can feel the difference in the room when it's not playing."

I guess it's cheaper than heroin then! LOL

Sound vibration to induce changes in perception! Now where have I seen that before??? Hmmm!

Fuck you for judging and mocking my personal experience, asshole, and my desire to share what is working for me. There are ABSOLUTELY NO CLAIMS associated with that audio, other than my own personal experience, and it is CLEARLY described for those who might be interested. Fuck you. See, I don't make EMPTY PROMISES like "Lie of Attraction" swindlers. I say, "This is my experience. This is working for me. You might be interested. You might not, but at least I have the decency to share."

Jobo Pooks Comment #8.a
Zhan Zhuang?

I used this years ago. It's harder than most people imagine and my kids got really embarrased when they brought their mates home and I was doing it with a fucking big smirk all over my face.

Feeling a little superior? Need to share how complicated and difficult your path to "spirituality" is? I don't fucking care how complicated you make your path. I don't care how well you can bend and contrort yoursef to someone else's obscure arcane practice. This does not engender respect or admiration on my part. In fact, I find it stupid and absurd. My "spirituality" is BE MYSELF. It is very fucking simple, and very fucking easy. Get lost, asshole. YOU ARE NOT MY FUCKING GURU.

Jobo Pooks Comment #9.a
Who did this?

Could this be a kneejerker in our midst? LOL

This comment is in response to several people, including myself, who wanted to EDIT their comment but were unable to do so because of the way Google has blog comments implemented. The only way to EDIT a comment here is to delete it and repost it. This was explained to you TWICE, but you continue to choose to see a reality that is not there. Fuck you. Save the spam for your penis enlargement products. This is NOT meaningful dialog.


I didn't even post all of your comments. It was TOO MUCH work to fucking find them all. And... this doesn't even include the 11 and counting that I have rejected since. Fuck you.



  1. Andrew,

    You are nothing, if not thorough!


    Unrelated note, it is my opinion that you would do better to have some longer explanations of what the 2-3 books you wrote contain on the links to purchase them.

    The money you are asking for is a bit more than you have in the past, and the more money, then the more people *in general* expect to read about something before purchasing. I personally don't feel I get a good sense of what they are about.

    A table of contents or a breakdown of the table of contents, for example, could make the books seem more enticing...

    Just a thought :)

    All the Best,


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