Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Be Beautiful - Part 1

This kid inspires me. Be beautiful. His life is deliberate. His message has been heard by more than mine.


  1. Queen is awesome. I am particularly partial to this one, Don't Stop Me Now:

  2. Ok, another question for discussion, I thought of :)

    You mentioned your concept of sub-realities, which I am pretty sure I understand fairly well.

    You expressed your driving force to live without being within other peoples' sub-realities. After a couple days of reflecting on this, I want to ask,

    1) How can you know you aren't in a sub-reality?

    2) And if you can't then what is the point of trying to escape all sub-realities? (well you can answer this, even if you believe you CAN know)

    3) And, since for me pure happiness is the purpose, does being in a sub-reality even matter towards The Purpose of pure happiness?


    My answers:
    1) I'm not sure how you can know. Perhaps your Bigger You is pulling you through the different layers of sub-realities, but how can you know you have reached absolute freedom from them... Jury is out on this one for me.

    2) I think the point would be that purer levels of sub-realities may be more conducive to pure happiness

    3) I don't think it matters towards The Purpose of pure happiness, YET follow me here. By entering pure happiness your core, or your Bigger You will tend to pull you out of sub-realities naturally.


    The flow concept is one you have discussed a lot. I myself have my own form of flow.
    If 'you' are not in control during flow (Which means almost all of the time nowadays, correct?) then I believe you say your Bigger You is in control. In my zen meditation I have had some experiences where I saw how *I* in the classical sense don't exist the way I thought I did. I saw myself much more enmeshed with everything else. I saw how the things I do to others can hurt them, and vice versa. It is hard to explain. But the point is, more than I have felt in a long time I saw the value in the concept of selflessness. To me selflessness isn't about being a sacrificial lamb or whatever, but about what I saw from my meditation, that my self is poorly defined ANYWAY. I know deliberate creators generally see their life as wholy THEIR CHOICE, so this is a bit different. I saw that I have the power to hurt the world or make it better. I saw that every little thing I do is effecting the whole. AND THAT MY WHOLE LIFE COULDN'T BE WHAT IT IS, without the effect of others. Think about it: how could you be Andrew without the rest of existences interaction with you every minute of every day. Without plants, you'd have no air, without farmers there'd be no food, without clothes makers, there'd be no clothes. So in a real way you are enmeshed with them.

    To me when I am in a flow state, I am not in control, I have let-go of expectation, in letting-go I am even letting-go of my self. Does that make sense? I know you are very self-oriented. Have you had any inklings that the boundaries of your self are different than what the normal person thinks they are? Do you see yourself as connected to the world intimately?

    When you let-go in flow, do you let-go of the self, that you learned in life to defend?

    A final question:
    If your life is deliberate, if life is taken care of, if you are letting-go, then what do you need the self for?

    Ok, I can see how this can be slightly confusing. Let me be more specific.

    I am not suggesting becoming a doormat, lol. Just trying to express some experiences. The main one being that the more you let-go, the more you let-go, the more you let-go. Have you not noticed that the more you let-go, the better it gets?

  4. that kid? fucking amazing.
    that kid singing that song? freedom.

  5. Alex, I'm so glad you wrote this. This is what I enjoy talking about; that old inner being of ours. :)

    I have noticed BIG TIME, the more I let go, the better it gets. But I don't take that as being a doormat. For me, the more I let go, thing work themselves out. It means I don't have to struggle or work on it. Just let it go and it works out. At work if I'm struggling with something, I put it aside, take a "Zen" moment, come back to it and usually, magically, something has opened up that works out the issue I was struggling with. This goes for personal things too.

    I look forward to Andrews response, but great question and thoughts Alex. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Alex, your first post is answered here. Like you didn't already know that, but this is for future visitors.

  7. Alex, your second post is answered here.

  8. Love: Yeah... I've been playing that video all day.


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