Monday, March 30, 2009

Cranberry Juice

Alex Baranosky just posed another interesting question.

I'm pulling comments and questions that make me think, and I find interesting, to the front, and this does NOT mean that comments posted in the past that were not pulled to the front were not as interesting. I just started this practice, so this is how I will operate going forward. This also does NOT mean that comments not pulled to the front will be ignored or go unanswered, or are not WORTHY and VALUABLE and GOOD. I believe ALL meaningful conversation is good.

I'm pondering ways of creating a space where meaningful dialog can take place that is free from abuse for ALL members, and has nicer features than this blog comment (no edit) bullshit.

I believe all members have the right to have profiles and be able to link to whatever they're about. I believe that is important. You are contributing to the whole, you deserve to make yourself known. I'm not jiggy with any of the known forums as their are abuse potentials there, as is evident.

Ok... back to Alex's fascinating query, which goes back almost a year perhaps.

Alex Baranosky Wrote:
Hi Andrew,

I wanted to ask you something, and didn't know where to post it, so here seemed good a place as any.

I am thinking back to the story about when you were guided to sort of gargle with cranberry juice.

Here's the food for thought question:

(Or at least it would be good clarification) Why did your flow/guidance have you gargle with cranberry juice if the world is only thoughts?

Clearly at least at that time in your life, your flow specifically wanted whatever was in the cranberry juice.

Do you believe your flow would have responded differently now? (Mar 29, 2009)?

There's no way to know what my Bigger Self would lead me to do now. I have thought this for some time, since you posted it. The trouble with direct experience is that it is only meaningful within a given context of interpretation. After the event happened the first time, I had a particular interpretation. From my current point of view, I have another interpretation, which I will go into.

This may be long... LOL. Ahh... the endless babble of me.

Cranberry Juice is a thought too. Some thoughts are perceivable within the context of the thoughts of physical senses. Some thoughts are not. The computer you are sitting at is a thought. Hmmm... that's my foundational working assumption... ok, jumping here.

This is a big jump. If you watch the movie Dune, the first one, not the new one. The one by David Lynch done in 1984. There is a scene where Paul (Muad'Dib) fully connects to himself. While this is happening, and I don't have the exact words, because I don't have the movie, he says something like, "The worm is the spice. The spice is the worm. The worm is the spice. The spice is the worm." Something like that.

Now, believe me or not, find me mentally ill or not, Dune was a real reality. I was there. It happened over 6 million years ago on mars. That's why there are faint traces of a face there today. What Paul is understanding in that moment is that the physical (the worm) is intrinsically the same as, a function of, ONE WITH, consciousness (the spice). They are one and the same thing. The are the same thing and one. Now, when I say One, I do no mean WE ARE ONE. We are NOT one. You are you. I AM ME. But, my physical space is one with my consciousness. My body is a function of my consciousness and not the other way around.

Now... going back to the cranberry juice. That may or may not work for anyone else. Heck, it might never work for me again. That was an experience. There are several KEY components of that experience. Back then, I still had some belief that effort (effort is different than action), was required to get what I wanted. I also still believed there was some separation between "the worm" and "the spice". No matter what I did, the phlegm remained a problem. This is also during the period where my Bigger Self was beginning to wake me up and reestablish trust and flowing.... connection.... deeper connection.

So... what did my Bigger Self do. My Bigger Self flowed me to buy something that I WOULD NEVER BUY. Back then, I didn't just dislike Cranberry Juice. I pretty much hated it. I would NEVER drink it voluntarily, let alone actually buy some, knowing full-well I wouldn't so much as take a sip. But... I did. I bought it, because my flow was being adamant that I do so. I could not walk away from that Cranberry Juice in the store. If I tried, it felt like a rushing river pulling me back to it. I was there in conflict for quite some time. LOL. I was resisting MYSELF, because MYSELF didn't make sense to my little perspective. Finally. I allowed, MYSELF. I went with MY FLOW.

I went home, not thinking about the Cranberry Juice, until much later than evening when I was led to take it out of the fridge and pour a FULL glass. Almost spilling over it was so full. And, I'm thinking... fuck. Please, don't make me drink this.

Well, I didn't have to drink it. I had to sit and HOLD it it my mouth and tilt my head back and let it slowly run down the back of my throat, which caused me to choke, and cough, and choke, and cough on nearly every sip. And, at the time I had NO IDEA WHY I was doing this. I was just following my flow. I was just going where my Bigger Self was leading me, because there was enough trust there to know that my Bigger Self KNEW how to get me where I wanted to go. I finished that glass, and had to pour ANOTHER one, which I had to do the same thing with. And, after that one, my Bigger Self took me and started to have me pour a third one, but the stopped, because it was just a joke. My Bigger Self likes jokes, just like I do. We are one. My Bigger Self is ME, but with a broader perspective.

So... nothing happened. I was like, "Ok. Whatever." I woke up the next morning, just like always. I went about my routine, and then at some point it dawned on me... no phlegm. My throat was perfectly clear, which it hadn't been in a very long time. Fascinating, and then it all dawned on me, about the Cranberry Juice. Oh!

My Bigger Self had led me to do something, that I didn't want to do, that got me to where I wanted to be. And to be honest, "drinking" the Cranberry Juice wasn't really that bad. It was my projected FEAR of the experience. I had a fear of Cranberry Juice. Now, I find that it's actually pretty good, sometimes.

This experience is a metaphor for getting what you want through physical circumstances that APPEAR to be unwanted. I have been through many subsequent experiences that most people would firmly believe are unwanted, but from my connection to ME, and my following of ME, every single one of those experiences has been HIGHLY, HIGHLY, HIGHLY, HIGHLY beneficial to ME. My current circumstances are HIGHLY beneficial to me, even though most people would firmly believe they are unwanted, they are bad, they are "universal" punishment for being evil and not talking nicely to the idiots.

I think that's all I have to say about that, currently, but I want to add, that the sound technology in Dune is build-able with technology currently available on the planet today. The only "problem" with that technology is that only someone one with themselves can use it, and perhaps we should.


  1. Thanks for the lengthy reply. I think you must type very quickly. :)

    I suspected your answer would be something like that, because how can you know what your flow would do now...?

    I didn't quite get the Dune reference, because I haven't seen (most of) it.

    One thing I find fascinating is how one person's Inner Guidance can say something very different from what another person's says. Because we're all on unique paths. With infinite factors. I am very comfortable with that ambiguity now. If Andrew's guidance tells him X and Alex's tells me !X -- the exact opposite of X -- then fine, I'm cool with that. My guidance has done me a lot of good :)

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  3. YES! And who am I to make promises or claims about what will work for you or anyone else. I don't know. I don't know YOU, the inner depths and workings of you. All I know is ME. So all I can say is... Be You, Be You, Be You.

    Which of course you're doing, and I'm doing, in our own unique ways, so maybe some others will join us...

    And yes, there are already a few out there.

    I don't know why I always coddle the sensitive ones. Ok, no more coddling. LOL.

  4. be true to you, that's all you can be. everyone's going thru their own shit - whether they are aligned or not (or fully aware that worm=spice) ... i think our bigger selves are still working with us. difference is being aware of it or not.

    andrew, i'd like to hear more detail about the sound techonology thing ... i have been getting "info" flowing in around this subject lately, and would like to hear more (and i realize this ties in with being aware and one with oneself). thanks

  5. "the sound technology in Dune is build-able with technology currently available on the planet today"

    I haven't seen most of the movie, what is this sound technology like?

  6. I've searched the internet for a video that has the Dune training scene in it, but to no avail. To be honest, I have NO idea why I'm even bringing this up or talking about it. I find it really funny that I posed the Crazy Theme Song and then jumped right into my memories of Dune.

    The Fremen army in Dune (note Fremen is close to Free Men), has guns that are based in sound, but what is really happening is that thoughts are being translated into form through the medium of sound. In other words, the "guns" are a bridge between pure thought space and the physical camouflage we believe is real. In the movie, they can basically blast away with these guns, but originally since the "blasts" were thought forms, they couldn't miss. You focused on your target, thought "kill", said the associated sound form, and done. Dead. The "blast" would follow their asses. It's not an energy blast coming from the gun, it's a thought form that has been given a temporal form based in sound. So there were also other effects possible, such as shielding, fire starting, and cloaking, depending upon the words used, and there are many others.

    The gun itself consists of two main components. There is a microphone with a speaker near the mouth, which creates a feedback loop. As the user speaks a "word", which is a sound form, a feedback loop starts, and is eventually released. In other words, the feedback loop creates a self sustaining sound vibration which represents a thought. (BAM) I just understood. If you go back into my blog, there's a video of a dolphin forming a bubble ring in the water. This is a self sustaining wave form within water. The concept is similar but done in air.

    Eventually, Paul and some others were able to evoke this process without the technology, without the gun. He could merely speak the words, and they would form, and do their "job". This required a very clear thought space and an understanding of the oneness of consciousness and physical form.

    Why I'm going here... I have no idea.

  7. i know why you are. there's a reason. it will all become clear, i feel it. like BIG TIME.

    thank you for explaining, while i was reading your explanation, i got the perfect image of it (aside from knowing exactly what video you were talking about, it being the first one that pulled me into your blog in the first place, ironically enough) - it was a thought loop that hit someone else before they got here and when i asked them a question, it was already answered.

    much like this post. thank you.


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