Saturday, March 28, 2009

To Jobo Pooks - Part 1

Jobo Pooks,

I want to notify you that I will now delete all of your comments WITHOUT reading them. I have this option.

You are a violent and abusive person, which I will demonstrate shortly, although perhaps not within this blog post.

You are not my guru. You are not my teacher. You are NOT my God Damn Fucking DOCTOR. To make a suggestion that I might be clinically depressed without so much as looking into my ears, down my throat, or even seeing my in person, shows your violence, your abuse, your lack of respect, your ARROGANCE, your better than you attitude, and your idiocy.

The REASON I am moderating your comments, is because I do not have time to answer a million STUPID questions that are not questions. You don't ask questions. You don't express meaningful opinions. What you do is you post LEADING QUESTIONS with the fundamental intentions and motivation to evoke change within me, based upon your narrow-minded, inconsiderate, condescending perspective.

I AM FREE. You will not change me. I don't need your "help", your "superior" spiritual wisdom, your holy-fucking, better-than-you, attitude. I don't need you or your time wasting nonsense. Feel free to post as many moderated comments as you want, NONE of them will be read. They will ALL be immediately deleted.

I AM asking you as one respectful being to another to stop posting comments. This is a respectful request. You are FREE to start your OWN BLOG about my evil shenanigans, hypocrisy, and lies. You have that freedom. Your voice has not been silenced. BUT... I WILL NOT TOLERATE ABUSE or VIOLENCE, PERIOD. If you continue, to post comments and force me to delete them, you are demonstrating your disrespect and violence. Think about this, seriously. This is absolutely NO DIFFERENT than me saying, "I do not want you to hit me anymore." Hit me again, and you demonstrate EVERYTHING I just said.

Fuck you, asshole.

p.s. I asked you to leave the moment you set foot in this blog, because I KNEW your intentions from the beginning. I also know, what's going to happen here.

I also want to state clearly that NONE of your existing posts will be deleted by me. If they are deleted, that is your doing. I will not delete them.

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