Saturday, March 28, 2009

Meaningless Interaction #3

The person merely posts abusive or offensive images in response to discussion posts or the posts. One cannot argue, respond to, or address images, since:

A) Images are highly interpretive and can have different meanings to different observers, which allows the shady, shallow, and SCARED poster to hide and lie about their original intentions and motivations for posting the image, should they be questioned or called out on their inconsiderate ABUSE.

B) It is very difficult to quote images in a meaningful fashion, since the entire message is non-textual, which should be obvious, since we're talking about images. Which, either forces the respondent to repost the image, which may already be offensive, derogatory, or abusive, or reply without a proper back reference, which allows the already ABUSIVE poster to potentially DELETE their original message, and further hide their abusive and underhanded ways.

C) Uncreative and unoriginal, since most posted images are stolen copyright violations, further detailing the abusive and theifly nature of the image poster.

D) Unlikely to provide any meaningful discussion and/or dialog, since their is no dialog associated with the image to begin with.

It should be noted, that images can be fun and funny, and there is a time and PLACE for these types of images. There are usually dedicated threads for this category of images, and people wanting that interaction go their specifically for these... such as porn.

If, however, you are going to post ABUSIVE images within a serious discussion and/or public raping of which you like to view and eat popcorn, then Meaningless Interaction #3 definitely applies, and you are an ABUSER.

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  1. O U, Suck


    I bet you think you're so smart.


    Can't you tell I know something super special and which makes me indignant about the indignation I perceive in you? I am indignant about your indignance. I am repulsed by your repulsiveness, and that is how I express my love for you Andrew.

    <3 Chamber


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