Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Abraham's Lies - Part 4

I love this title of this thread: Been doing the abundance game for a month and nothing!

Why? Because it's a lie!

And the first two responses are classic!

It's not about manifestation (even though that's the PROMISE everyone buys the books, CDs, and seminars for). It's about feeling good, because if you just feel good and forget about the results we promised you would receive, then you'll be our loyal druggy, and every time you get down or have doubts you'll come back and buy some more good feelings words, that will promise you all sorts of things, but never deliver.

And of course, if you never get results, it's all YOUR FAULT. It's never the fault of the process, the method, the teachings, or the teachers.... never. Look, we just sell promises ok, we don't deliver results. That's not our business.


  1. I've also read on the PI forum once that if you have a split second of doubt, your "order" is cancelled. I thought what a terrible thing to have people believe. They are never to get off the "high vibe" they are supposed to be on. And as soon as they do, well, that is why they never get what they want .

  2. Totally ridiculous. You have to bend and stretch and contort to get the "magic" to work, and if it never works for you, well don't blame the system, don't blame the teachers, don't question "the universe", otherwise you're really asking for some deep "law of attraction" style punishment.

  3. The Universe is such a bastard!!! :P

  4. "The Universe is such a bastard!!! :P"


    That's like saying:
    "The electrical signal that I've fed into this speaker, which now has converted into vibration and is moving according to its flow is a twat!"

    Fucking hilarious man!


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