Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Attractive Conspiracy - Andrew's First Book

Well, I've finally done it. I've become a published author, and I must say that it was extremely easy once I finally cut through all the bullshit.

I'm free! I'm free! I'm free! Hallelujah, I'm free, at last.

The Flaw of Attraction is a lie. I have proof, and it doesn't take a third grade, honor student to verify it either. I'm getting what I want, however, in great abundance. I'm experiencing bliss and extreme states of joy, but the Flaw of Attraction ain't doing a good damn bit of it. It's a lie. It's an endless hamster wheel of books, videos, and seminars designed to keep you coming back for more.

Believe me or not, but you might want to consider my hard earned research for yourself and make up your own mind.

Attractive Conspiracy - by - Evil Andrew Wilcox


  1. Andrew, so nice to have you back. I can't wait to read more from you.

    Law of Attraction is a HUGE pile of bullshit and it makes me sick to even write the words "Law of Attraction" .

  2. Wow, I thought everyone was going to disagree and laugh me off the planet.

  3. Can you imagine how strong the vibrational tone of laughter would have to be to propel you off the planet to the moon or even mars?

  4. Jobo, if you have any meaningful, non-judgmental, non-self-righteous, non-insulting comments, I'd love to hear them. In the mean time, get lost.

    I don't follow the "think spiritually correct" movement, so that "the universe" will reward my good behavior. I follow the "BE ME" method, which says, "What I think, say, or do in joy is what I think, say or do in joy, period."

    If you don't like it, or you disagree. Get lost. What value are you bringing? Who are you trying to help? Who are you trying to fix?

    If everything is "perfect", why are you picking apart my statements? Contradiction.

  5. Why so touchy?

    I asked a question. LOL

  6. "I don't follow the "think spiritually correct" movement, so that "the universe" will reward my good behavior. I follow the "BE ME" method, which says, "What I think, say, or do in joy is what I think, say or do in joy, period."

    Me too, Ha! We're practically twins.

  7. You didn't ask a question. Simply because a sentence ends with a question mark does not make it a question. You made a statement in the form of a question. The statement indirectly implied that my choice of words had some underlying flaw. It was in question form to elicit response, which it achieved, but the response was... get lost. I'm done playing games.

    Yes, it was hard earned. Which of those two words do you not understand?

    I'm "touchy" because the energy contained in those two words of yours was not pleasant, and is unwelcome. I feel the intent behind everything now, and I'm very picky. Get lost.

    You've been demanding my attention for several months. Demands are violence. I'm tired of violence. Get lost.

  8. I’ve been watching you and Jack for a couple of years now and although I was onto Jack almost from the beginning, I actually thought you almost had it nailed. Then you really fucked up didn’t you? Do you like what you’re attracting here? Is this “your stuff?”
    You tell the donkey not to follow you then you dangle a carrot in front of its nose; brilliant, what a unique idea. LOL.

    I’ll “get lost” now, and then you can tell everyone how you manifested me then unmanifested me. Keep trying son – one day you’ll really get it!

  9. PS: Demanding. Meaningful. Value. Violence. Perceptions. projections. If there was a winking emoticon here I'd post it.

  10. I didn't "manifest" you. I didn't "attract" you. Law of attraction is a lie, or didn't you read my book descriptions?

    There is no Jack and I. That is the past. There is me.

    Your violence is clear. You are still here.

  11. p.s. Yes, the winking shadow, so many use to hide their daggers.

    You're not done yet.

  12. As you can tell by what I wrote previously, I'm not a Law of Attraction fan. I tried and it never quite fit. No one can tell me I didn't believe enough, have strong enough vibrations and nothing came out of any of it. It wasn't until I let go and just started to do nothing and just listen to my self that things started to happen. And I don't mean manifesting things either.

    I don't understand why with LOA you are not supposed to say "I'm not having a good day" That is supposed to bring more of a bad day . But by saying it, you KNOW it's true, why does that make you have a worse day?

    Why with LOA do we have to live in our minds and "everything is great" when we feel and KNOW that there is something wrong?

  13. And most law of attraction followers get into this pattern of ignoring anything and everything, trying to escape how they feel. If we're depressed, there's a reason. If we're angry, there's a reason. If we're sad, there's a reason. If we're violent, there's a reason. Every single one of these states has been used by my bigger being to bring me what I want, every single one.

    If someone is walking up to me on the street with the intention to kill me, and I can feel that, and my bigger being is saying, "Yes, that's true." Ignoring them does not change the circumstances. I may need to get angry, violent, even in rage, in order to get what I want in that situation, which is my continued physical existence.

    It turns out, there are non-physical beings with just as malicious intentions, like Abraham, even though they can't kill me directly with a knife of gun.

    In my experience, and my conversations with my bigger being, all of those emotions are tools of my bigger being to bring me into understanding of Who I Am. They are not misguided thought, and they do not net me "universal" punishment.

    For example, I spent about 3 days in deep depression about 2 weeks ago. I'm literally sitting on a billion dollar software idea, that would completely change how the world writes software. It's completely designed in my head, I just have to type it in, but doing that made me depressed... why?

    Running from what I felt wasn't going to change anything, the depression was an indicator of something deeper going on. So I said, "Why do I feel this way?" And then I realized, that 90% of software is used to further business, which is used to further the power of the wealthy, which is further used to keep the "I have more money and thus am superior to you", thought pattern active in the world today.

    So then, I start "looking" psychicly for solutions to these problems and there are none, because the fundamental problem in the system is beings wanting to be superior to other beings. That's why we have rich and poor. Terrorist and pentagon. Super models and biggest losers. On and on and on. There's nothing I can do to change what other beings are choosing to be and play out.

    And it didn't feel good to add to that system. Then it didn't even feel good to be in this world, with beings who fundamentally will not be able to play with each other nicely while the superior game is being played out.

    But I just sat in it. I allowed it to be. I didn't even try to get out of it, because then I'd be running from the thoughts my bigger being wanted me to see, ponder, and understand.

    Then, I saw and understood "collective consciousness". I saw and understood the exchanges being made between lackful beings, trying to get what they wanted. I saw all sorts of things. And then, in an instant, I was said, "Oh, ok. I get it." And bam, I felt better.

    Still haven't typed the software in. I may never type it in, because it's not about that. It's about being aligned with Who I AM, because THAT'S MY path of joy.

  14. Do we not know our experiences by measuring them against other experiences; other known quantities?

    "energy contained in those two words of yours was not pleasant"

    The interpreter of the word is the one who is responsible for the emotions created out of the interpretation.


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