Monday, March 9, 2009

A Few Flaw of Attraction Contradictions

These are a very few of the abundant contradictions within the Flaw of Attraction. There is freedom from these carefully designed lies intended to keep you from connecting to your true power, but, as always, that's the choice we each must make for ourselves.

  1. To listen and agree with an entity or teacher that talks about a gap, between who you are and where you want to be, creates that gap. Any action or effort you take to alleviate this gap, would, according to the Flaw of Attraction, keep that gap active and actually increase it. Thus, it is fundamentally a lie, designed to disconnect you from your true self and keep you there.

  2. The only way to know if something is what you don't want is to tune into it and ultimately experience it, otherwise you don't actually "know" what it is. If you simply ignore what you think you don't want, then you are actually giving your power away to whatever it is, because you've already said, "I don't want this. I must ignore it, so it will go away." Which is a powerless, victim, statement. In truth, if you had your true power, you could focus upon it, and choose to have it leave, assuming you had fully received that which you had chosen yourself to receive from that experience. Thus, teaching ignorance or focus of denial is a lie designed to keep you a slave to those things you think you need to ignore.

  3. A being, teacher, or set of beings that claim to be higher vibrational, smarter, and/or wiser than other beings, is, again, creating a lie that if you believe causes you to give your true power away to them. You are agreeing that you are somehow less than, and thus, indirectly, powerless. A lie designed to keep you from your true power. This lie, also creates the illusion there are "undesirable" beings or entities out there, that can somehow influence you unless you're tuned into the "superior ones". When in truth, you're already tuned into the entities wanting to influence you. It's a vicious circle.
There are about a million more.



  1. The whole fucking shooting match is just an illusion so everything is ok and not really of any consequence. No matter what you think or believe it's perfect so.....

  2. It is of consequence. I AM of consequence. The power I hold to choose what I want IS important. The ability to identify what one is experiencing, and choose is important. Everything ultimately may be perfect and ok, but that does not mean one should sit around and dream about rainbows while their arm is being chewed off by rats, unless of course that's one's joy, which in my case it is not.

  3. Then good for you.

  4. But wouldn't you have to experience having your arm chewed off by a rat in order to know that that is not your joy? According to what you said in your blog post.

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  6. Yes. The definition of the word "experience" here is key. You have to at least hold the thought long enough to know that the thought is not wanted, which means ignoring thoughts does not work. Plus, with what I know, if something is coming to you, there is a reason, which means ignoring things only keeps them coming back.

    (I need to learn to spell check before I hit publish. No edit here.)

  7. Um.... That sounds like law of attraction to me. I've never heard any proponent of law of attraction say that you have to completely ignore anything. Only that you shouldn't give too much focus to what you don't want, and instead try to give more focus to what you do want. I don't think that to "hold the thought long enough to know that the thought is not wanted" contradicts law of attraction in any way.

  8. Sure they teach that, although usually indirectly, and very subtly. Shifting your focus away from something is running, is ignoring. Plus, it's a mental action journey. It's a "how can I focus properly in order to get what I want game". It's a "if I don't focus properly, I'll get what I don't want game". Focus, thoughts, and emotions do not bring us what we want.

  9. "Shifting your focus away from something is running, is ignoring."

    I shift my focus like ten thousand times a day. For instance, I just shifted my focus from reading your comment to writing my response. That doesn't mean I'm ignoring your comment. In fact, the action I'm now performing is incorporating the awareness of what I just shifted my focus away from. To put forth another example, let's say I was feeling lonely, and then I decided to shift my focus from feeling lonely to feeling loved. I'm not ignoring the loneliness. I'm responding to it. Only I've responded in a positive way, and if I can achieve the feeling of being loved, then I have, in effect, gotten what I wanted through thoughts, emotions, and focus, as well as the action of choosing.

  10. In the context of your example about reading and writing responses I agree, but in the context of that example you are not trying to manifest anything. You are simply being.

    In the context of being lonely, and then choosing to feel loved. Ok. Good for you. That doesn't mean a single physical circumstance will change in response to your internal change. I'm glad you feel good. That's good. That doesn't mean however that the law of suction will suck someone to you to express that love within the physical world.

    Feeling good is feeling good. I'm all for feeling good, but I no longer delude myself into believing that feeling good is what causes the universe to reward me for my good behavior.

    No one can prove the promises the law of attraction is claiming. Are you a millionaire yet? Why not? I'm sure you want that. Where is it? I'm sure you're very adept at feeling good. Where's your stuff?

  11. Here's my stuff: Several people who have become my best friends, when before, all I had were acquaintances and a guy I had sex with. A $20,000 RV that I didn't even have to pay for. Also, a free car. Several fun, exciting, and lucrative ideas that are now in the final stages of being wrought into physical form. As for the issue of becoming a millionaire, I'll be the first to admit that it has not yet happened, however, recently I have come into contact with people who are, in fact, millionaires, who have expressed unsolicited interest in giving me a lot of money. It's only been a year and a half since I set forth on this law of suction journey, so I consider that to be excellent progress. I have also experienced a significant increase in my income over the past year, without a corresponding increase in work. So where's your stuff?

    By the way, you're right. No one can prove it. But no one can prove that what you're saying is true, either.

  12. Actually, what I'm saying can be self proven on an individual basis, through examining what is inherently knowable as a conscious awareness, and by collecting and observing the corresponding experiential evidence which would come from that. I cannot "prove" it to another, because proof is subjective, but I can explain how someone could prove it to themselves. Seems like the same thing, but it's not. There is a subtle difference.

    Ok. You've got some stuff. There are other explanations. Law of suction is neither predictable nor provable. What I know is predictable and provable.

    In other words, manifest something. I'll give you 10 minutes, and you must demonstrate repeatable results.

    I can demonstrate electricity repeatably to people that have never seen it before. I can even teach them how to use it, whether they know how it works or not. Law of attraction is not a "process" or a "method" until it can be treated just like electricity. Flip the switch... bam. It'll never happen, because it's a lie.

  13. First of all, I've never had any desire to manifest anything instantly. That would take all of the fun out of it for me. If all I had to do was say, "I want a million dollars" and poof! there it was, I would have to forgo all the cool stuff- like meeting awesome people who end up collaborating with me on interesting projects, and learning things, and being able to develop my ideas from "hey, I want this" to "I really want this and I'd like it if it were this way and had these aspects as well."

    I find it quite amusing that you are still stuck in "law of attraction". You have "switched your focus" from believing it to actively trying to discredit it, but you are still focusing on it. I was speaking on the phone to Jack last night, and it occurred to us that we haven't heard a single one of the remaining enlightened bastards use the term "law of attraction" for about six to eight months now. Not once, to my recollection, has anyone spoken of wanting to "attract" anything. We just do it. We no longer have to define it or talk about it or rationalize it. It's not law of attraction anymore, it's just life.

  14. Your first paragraph is a contradiction to your last.

    Taking your first paragraph, you admit that you still want to manifest things. Ok, fine. Do that. I'm very curious of which "method" you will use to accomplish your ends. I still stand by my challenge that if someone really "has got" flaw of attraction down, that they should be able go demonstrate it with repeatable and predictable results.

    Law of attraction absolutely CANNOT be considered a method, a process, or a "universal law" until and when such demonstrations occur, with repeatability and predictability. I can demonstrate gravity quite effectively with repeatable and predictable results, even though not a single person on the planet actually "knows" how it works. If it's a "law", then it works whether people "believe" in it or not.

    If you find it amusing that you need to find a perspective in which to punish me and put me down. Enjoy that. That's the type of psuedo-spiritual mumbo-jumbo I'm free from. I don't have to measure myself against where someone else "thinks" I need to be, or how someone else "thinks" I need to behave, or what someone else "thinks" I need to be thinking.

    I'm glad to see the "elightened bastards" are still fundamentally superior to everyone else on the planet. I'm glad to see that you are still capable and adept at redefining your superiority in terms of the "failures" of others. Good for you. Excellent. Enjoy that.

    If you guys are not still following law of attraction, why are you here defending it? Why do you care what I'm doing? I'm not an "enlightened bastard". I do not care to be one. My blog fundamentally, has nothing to do with "enlightened bastards". Why are you here?

    Rather than hold group meetings to define "who I am", of which you do not know. Why not show up, be present, and express "who you are". That's all I'm doing here is expressing who I AM. You don't know my path. You don't know where I need to be. You don't know what my joy is. You don't know what I'm "attracting", because I'm not attracting anything. These are the types of flaw of attraction thinkings that are absolutely absurd.

    Get out of my business and get into your own.

  15. I am curious as why why the amount of "time" it takes to manifest something proves or disproves the process or method of a creation.

    What is then the difference if starr wants to be a millionaire and in that desire begins to meet and experience many things before the actual millions arrives, say one year later. If it takes one year why is that "too long" a timespan therefore disproving the processes used to create? So, if she did it in 10 minutes repeatedly that's provable. But if it takes a year ot two that is what? Just a bunch of other explanations? What if it took her 11 minutes?

    Not to mention, that just because the process isn't as clearly defined and validated through the common senses and perceptions like an electrical current doesn't disprove anything. Because even electricity existed and was "real" long before the kite and key and ol Benjamin started the evolution of electricity to the switch that you refer to.

    True Dave

  16. Andrew, it is not my intent to "punish" you, nor do I believe I am "fundamentally superior" to you. In fact, I am very appreciative of you as a main impetus that nudged me onto the journey that brought me to where I am now. The fact that I do not agree with you is not proof that I am here to instruct you or to demonstrate my superiority. I made an inference based upon my observations. If I have inferred correctly, and if there is any punishment involved, then it is you who are punishing yourself. If not, then why are you being so defensive? You have not been attacked.

    I am done commenting on this topic. I have heard your request that I leave you alone, and I am respecting that wish. However, it is obvious that you will continue to "attract" more contrast here to your blog. I find it hard to believe that you do not want it.

  17. I'm using the "amount of time" as an example of the unpredictability of the "process". Everyone balks at the limited time, because we all fundamentally know we can't control the "process". It's out of our hands. The mystical, magical, "the universe", has some part to play.

    Within that, "out of our hands", we have given our power away. By utilizing a "universal law", we have removed ourselves from our true power, which is exactly what the beings touting this lie want.

    I can rub a lucky toy buddha's belly to get cash. If the cash shows up, "Wow, great! It works." If the cash doesn't show up, I keep rubbing, and rubbing, and rubbing. When it shows up, "Wow, great! It works". When in "reality", the case would have shown up no matter what I did.

    It's not a process or a method until it is PREDICTABLE, until it works like a light switch. If it's not predictable, that means there is some other variable within the equation, which is not being taken into account.

    Why is there not a flaw of attraction teacher on the planet that can demonstrate it, like you would demonstrate gravity?

  18. Starr,

    I'm not punishing myself, but this is not something I can prove to you.

    Jack, through you, expressed superiority, by labeling me "stuck", somewhere far behind y'all's current understanding. Fine. Ok. Enjoy. I'm not even saying that's "wrong" behavior. I'm simply saying, "I will not agree with that control drama."

    Masked superiority is a subtle and very prominent thought form within our society. Abraham does it. They make themselves superior to their followers, and this is one of the links in the chain of their domination of others.

    Whatever, I'm not going to argue with you over your perceptions.

    See this is exactly the type of pushback loops law of attraction creates. It's all your fault, Andrew. It's all your fault. Look at the "bad" stuff you're creating. You're so "bad" Andrew. That's why it doesn't work for you.

    Whatever... nonsense. Within my current understanding, there is absolutely no mis-creation or uncontrolled circumstance. Fortunately, I'm free from "attraction", because it inherently, creates a very fine balancing act the "attractor" must pull off, so they don't get hit by a bus. Enjoy.


    I am curious, do you believe this is just "other explanations"? She didn't make the 10 minute mark but three days straight ain't to shabby. I heard her say "When things are down, something good always happens". That sounds like a belief she holds to be very true. Whether it is a conscious or subconscious manifestation of one of her own processes or methods, well who could say for sure.

    The commentator also said "Luck is something no one can explain". If you believe that statement to be true, then luck must be eliminated as a cause of her winnings because luck isn't predictable or provable.

    So I am curious. If it isn't her creating that experience through a individual process and if it isn't luck because "luck" is not predictable or provable what is your opinion about her 3 day winning streak?

    Is it her Not attracting, but expanding and creating through her own power? Or is even that just to close to law of attraction?

    I understand you may not care about her experience, only your experiences. I am just curious as to your perspective. Thanks for sharing if you choose to.

  20. Yes, I believe she is creating her own reality, although the term "she" here is not simply her conscious, persona.

    Is she "attracting" that winning streak... no.

    There's a huge difference... and, I do not believe she created those things because she has a deep seated thought that good things happen when you're down.

    And, in fact, that's more evidence that flaw of attraction isn't true, because she's having "good" things happen when things are "bad", which means she's feeling bad about things.

    They're only "bad" if you feel bad about them.

    I do believe in reality creation, but not law of attraction. Law of attraction is a lie designed to keep people spinning and spinning and spinning on the hamster wheel of sick haired teachers and non-physical entities that get off on owning and controlling "lessor" beings.

    But, I'm also not saying that people should not follow law of attraction. If it's working for you, do that. If being a slave, works for you, do that. You're free to do whatever you want, well mostly, depending upon what you AGREE with.

  21. What do you feel in your core, instead?

  22. ""I need to learn to spell check before I hit publish. No edit here.)""

    This is an excuse. It signifies a self_worth issue. You don't want people thinking you may be doing U turns or hiding something. Does it really matter? Ha!

    You are a marketeer, no different than the Ab/Hicks, Chopras, Dyers and the like. You are not the first to use your kind of methods to "hook" customers and you won't be the last.

  23. Jobo,

    I told you, you weren't done.

    Yes, it matters when the spelling in my comment obscures the intended meaning of my message. One letter can change a word entirely, which is what happened the first time.

    Yes. I have books to sell. And yes, I do want people to know they are there. That's putting food on your table. Everyone does it.

    All I know is that what I know works, and is repeatable, and is predictable, and doesn't rely on waiting for some nebulous "the universe" to grant your wishes, once you've been "good" enough.

    There is a difference, a big difference, between me and the Dicks. I'm not making empty promises. I'm not selling the oldest con in history, "The Feel Good Method".

    If you don't like what I'm saying, or who I'm being... get lost. I have a right to be myself, and express myself in anyway that I choose to.

    Heck, start your own sight, "". Whatever. You'll never get me to AGREE that your perspective is superior to my own. I choose to keep my power. Thank you.

  24. You're hilarious mate. Thanks for the laughs.

  25. All I know is that what I know works, and is repeatable, and is predictable, and doesn't rely on waiting for some nebulous "the universe" to grant your wishes, once you've been "good" enough.

    There is a difference, a big difference, between me and the Dicks. I'm not making empty promises. I'm not selling the oldest con in history, "The Feel Good Method".

    What is your new method? What has replaced LOA for you, in the paradigm in your head.

    Before we might have agreed that
    1. The universe delivers what you ask for, and allow
    2. There are vibrationally more expanded beings such as Abraham or Bashar to help guide

    Is your method still mystical (as in, Universe doing 'something') or have you now become someone like Tony Robbins who relies on methods which are rooted in the physical plane (positive thinking for instance).

    You say you're still getting everything you want in abundance, I'm just curious what you're doing instead to get it.

  26. Thanks for asking Travis... lol

    I follow the Self method, which basically says, "Be Yourself", which unfortunately won't work for 99% of the people on the planet today, especially flaw of attraction followers, since they are following, and following is never being oneself.

    Now, the particular flavors of the Self method which happen to work for me, may or may not work for others, because well, they're my Self methods, and others may have other Self methods that work for them.

    I know who I AM. I'm aware of my bigger being, and my bigger being's bigger being, and I'm aware that DECISIONS are being made at all levels of my being, not just mine, which are directly creating the circumstances and experiences I'm in... there's no vibration... there's no reward for good happy behavior... there's no punishment for misdirected focus... that's FUCKING karma folks... it's just repackaged and resold under a different brand name. Same old non-physical control game that's created all of the religions on the planet. Law of attraction is now officially a religion.

    Everything that happens to me is based in personal choice, nothing more, although that choice may not be within my current physically focused personality.

    Yes, there are other consciousnesses out there, and many of them wish to influence and sway my decisions. If a sales team like Abraham can get me to agree with their perspective, then they have sold me a decision, and now I'm subject to the rules of that decision, and they're the ones with the strings, because it was their thought, and thus their reality. Flaw of attraction is a "sub-reality" created within true reality. When you enter into a sub-reality you are subject to the rules of that reality, but this still doesn't make it "real".

    Jack earlier projected a thought that I am somehow stuck, but the thought behind that is that he somehow knows who I am. If I agree with that thought, even subtly then I become Jack's slave, because I made the decision that he is somehow greater than I, which from my perspective can never be.

    These types of control games are happening all the time, and most, not all, but most of the popular channels are non-physical entities consciously and maliciously playing this control game.

    Any channel that somehow claims to be smarter, wiser, or better, is already getting their FOLLOWERS to agree that they are somehow less... no matter how great and wonderful and soothing their words are. And the case example I use for this is Jeffrey Daumer. His words were so smooth, sweet, and convincing he actually convinced cops to return one of his escaped victims to him, which he killed later that day. Look it up. You think non-physical beings can't do the same thing?

    The reason people see me as so "defensive" here is because humans are born and bred to play control games. Most of you don't even realize what you're asking me to agree with when you post questions. The intentions and thoughts behind the words are tangible to me. I can feel them in my body. But that's me, that may or may not ever happen for someone else.

    I don't make EMPTY PROMISES. I can say this though. There is always a pathway of joy within whatever circumstances you are in, if you are aligned with your full being. Which means, there is never a need to manifest or focus away or toward anything, because everything that's happening is already exactly as you wanted it to happen (based in CHOICE and CHOICE alone), you've just forgotten, and there are beings that don't want you to remember.

  27. Thanks for the reply, although I am aware of most of what you said.

    Specifically what I would like to know, and what you touched on a little...

    from what I gather, it seems you have replaced 'vibration' with CHOICE. Meaning -- You still believe in higher selves, you believe that you are All That Is, you believe you ARE those higher selves, you believe this physical reality is an illusion.

    But instead of vibration and attracting what you put out, instead your physical reality is determined by your choices.

    Is that correct?

    Your old motto was All is Well & Appreciate. All is well because everything that is happening to you is perfect, and Appreciate because the vibration of appreciation is most connected to your being.

    Do you have a new motto?

    What I'm getting at is... I would like to know more about what you mean when you say CHOICE.

  28. Or rather... WHAT is creating your physical reality. What specifically (for you now) is determining whether you are rich or poor, whether I reply to this or not, or whether your space bar stops working or not.

    If it is no longer what you put out, what is it? is it your 'vibration'? is it something beyond this physical realm, similar to fate or destiny?
    is it the universe?

  29. Andrew,

    About two weeks ago I was laid off and decided to re-visit some old forums and peek around. In one particular thread, some of what you have touched upon was visible in a few responses to the question posed.

    I saw that a few members seemed to have near worship of Abraham as source. I didn't agree from my beliefs that Abraham or any channel is my source to bow under and I copy/pasted a completely different perspective about channeled information, just to give a contrasting opinion. It seemed that many of the members may ( my opinion ) hold enslaved beliefs about channeled information and it's influence on their lives. Fine by me. I was just having fun communicating.

    Here's a summary:

    "In the same way that many people believe that Jesus, Krishna, Mohammed etc are better versions of humans and have more godly powers/knowledge. Channels are the New Age and metaphysical equivalent to Jesus. It's not a physical person, so the information is supposbly true and more believable.

    So, since there is no way to validate where the channeled information is coming from you have to be open to the idea that non-physical information can play with the host and manipulate it easily hidden under the guise of hope, love, conscious creation etc. Which is why they say the head movements and bobbying around of a channeler entering into trance is remanissant of a puppet having it's strings pulled.

    Also,they point out that many channeled entities only really stay aligned with one main theme and stay on the subject because that is it's only program.

    So as an example of a pre-programmed event take the October, 14th alien touchdown. Where many (but not all) channels chimed in and talked about the mass event. Of course it didn't happen. The idea is that that day was already pre-programmed in so that it would create a mass "let down" a vibrational dip. As people looked to the skies for the aliens to come down and save them from the "bad" governments and control, the ones that truly looked forward to the day had their "hopes" collapsed, creating the mass vibrational letdown. So they would build up the ideas of power and saviourship through channeled information and drop them through mass let down events, people spending money and time on exercises, cd's, books only to gain haope but in the end their lives never really change. Specially after years of "following" a channel.

    I also believe I read that many of the popular channels have dried up after that event. The websites still exist but any new information is few and far in between. Although I never verified if that was true.

    Of course, for anyone centered in their own power being mislead is pretty doubtful.


    True Dave "

    I wanted to share that.

  30. Travis:

    Vibration is an out and out lie, and this can be self verified through internal observation and understanding of self. I can validate through thought that I have a choice. I cannot validate through thought that I have a vibration. I personally, get ZERO results having anything to do with this "vibration", and get 100% results with this verifiable concept called CHOICE.

    CHOICE is the very thing a non-physical abuser like Abraham wishes to keep beings from discovering they have. Therefore, they tell a lie that is very, very, very close to the truth, but slightly askew to cover this one, tiny, little detail, so that they still have control.

    My physical reality, notice the key word MY in this sentence, is created 100% by ME, and the key word ME in this sentence, refers to ALL levels of MY being, not just my physically aware aspect. However, beings that have influenced my physically focused aspect, and there have been a lot, and are still some that I'm working through, can greatly impact and "control" that creation, through lies, half-truths, and whatnot, like Abraham.

    For example, someone can talk you out of doing something you really want to do, or talk you into doing something you really don't want to do. Mothers are notorious for the first one. That's influence, and beings that are good at talking and influencing, can get that art down to damn near total mind control, like Abraham. These are what the books "Attractive Conspiracy" and "Attractive Promises" are about. The mind control games being played.

    My new motto is: Be Me! Know Me! Make my own choices... cause that's MY REALITY. The key word Me, meaning ALL of Me.... all levels of my being.

    What is determining my circumstances is ME... ALL of me. Therefore, there are aspects of me that are "causing" things that I think I don't want, when in reality those things are exactly what I do want, they just seem unwanted from my physical perspective. But those aspects creating at that higher level, know the grand scheme of my entire physical time frame. They already know what's going to happen 250 years down the road.

    But... my personal physically focused choices DO impact the equation, significantly. I can't really change circumstances, because the circumstances are being created at a higher level (at this point), but I can hold a dialog with myself, and understand ME. I can also learn to align with the ALL of me, and when I do, BAM instant perfection, because where I AM at any given time, IS what is wanted, if I understand Who I AM.

    There's never a need to change anything... there's only a journey of self discovery.

    Here's the biggest "cool factor" that's going on for me. I'm getting memories of what's about to happen, or is happening in the moment, on a continual basis. Plus, I can feel thoughts. I literally can hold thoughts in my hand. When I interact with others, or read their words, it's like I'm directly connected to their non-physical aspect, which my bigger being calls their Psychic Aspect, which makes more sense to me. Also my bigger being has spent a lot of time bringing me experiences to help me understand that Psychic Reality (i.e. conscious thought space) is REALITY. That's base line reality that exists as a function of consciousness alone, and it is tangible, experiencable, and mailable. In other words, it is actually more physical than physical, and that's what I'm experiencing on a daily basis. I literally can pull pain and/or illness out of my body with my hands. Both of which are only symptoms of unaligned or malicious thought forms that I have chosen to allow in in the past, when I didn't understand.

    There have been numerous times when I had a thought in my head and didn't say it, and about 2 minutes later my Dad would say it. In all these cases, he's giving voice to my thought, because you could tell it was a thought that "floated" by, and wasn't something he had actually thought of. It's fascinating.

    He's also, expressed wishes that I would so something that I already knew I HAD done in a previous alternate version. It was a version he enjoyed a lot, but he doesn't realize it already happened. There's no way he could know what that version was either, because the only person that knows is me.

    Thus, Abraham, Bashar, and others, are no longer nebulous voices, but they are actual, tangible, entities, of which I can draw personal experience and conclusions. Of course they're my experiences and conclusions, and everyone should make their own choices. But I will express myself, because that's what I do!

  31. Dave:

    I read most of that thread. I get a sick feeling in my stomach. It's like watching bunnies happily hopping off to go get "uplifted" by the lion.

    Did you get that excerpt from Integral? They're smart people, but they like to make all the choices for people as well. Enjoy.

    As far as the "letdown" day, that was planned and organized AS SUCH. That's part of what the non-physical abusers do. One of the deepest hurts you can cause a consciousness is disappointment, via lies. This is why lovers get so hurt at each other. This is why that type of experience is so painful. That "event" wasn't an accident is was intended to be crushing, depressing, disillusioning, hurtful, heartbreaking, etc.

    All the people that CHOSE to need, underline need, saviors from above, who are smarter, better, wiser... got them... they let in that Psychic Energy, even though they didn't get what they wanted. It was a one-way con game. I don't have the words here to express if fully, but that event will stay with those beings until they deal with that choice, which could be MANY lifetimes.

    And that's just ONE example. Abraham does this type of thing in seminars all the time, but it's VERY subtle.

    I once heard a lady at a seminar ask... so what's beyond Abraham? And they said, "Only a physical person in lack would ask such a question." They said that! But what they really said, "There's nothing beyond us. We're the top. We're in control. We are your GODS. Bow down and worship." And all the good little followers said, "YES, we agree with that." And so they will. They made a choice. And they will live with the ramifications of that choice until they make a new a choice, but in all likelihood that won't be in any lifetime soon, because they can't even SEE that they made a choice to being with, because Abraham has got them so disconnected from Who They Are.



  32. There's never a need to change anything... there's only a journey of self discovery.

    Andrew, you hit the fucking nail on the head with that and I feel that down to my core.

    Funnily enough, even from the very beginning all that time ago when I was a little twerp who didn't appreciate, I still deep deep deep DEEP down ... oh so subtly... felt that law of attraction was still peculiar or not quiiiite right, because anything from a desire seemed to still be from lack.

    the obvious explanation would be that when you are whole, and you are in mode of full appreciation, you can prefer one thing over another (money over poor), but for some reason I could never quite 'grasp' on to that 100%. I got very close, and it felt good, but it always felt subtly like there was something I was missing.

    It is in fact what you perfectly just summed up in one sentence.

    Some time ago I had given up looking to manifest things, or asking and 'allowing' to receive. I found that when I let go of all of that and just figured the universe has me in good hands, thats when it opened up in a magnificent way of self-discovery.

    I suppose my only question is.. if it's all about self-discovery, how do you speed up the process? I assume you become more aware at any given time.

    And when you were coming into your own with this realization, when you started to realize it was CHOICE and not vibration (that seems more binary to me, rather than a gray scale). How did you fill in the gap of experience when you chose something but it didnt appear in reality? Is that a cause of not being sure in your choice?

    I havent slept in 24 hours due to my night shift, you may sense scattered energy from my post ;)

  33. Travis,

    I loved your post. It's exactly how I felt about so many things.

  34. But see... how do you actually KNOW if you prefer money over poor... if you haven't actually BEEN poor? You only think you know what you prefer, and most of those preferences are based upon influence from outside sources like, tv, parents, friends, culture, society, malicious non-physical beings... collective consciousness.

    There's a contradiction in your question Travis.

    I haven't said anywhere, that my choices change my circumstances. I haven't said anywhere that making my choices gets me physical stuff. My bigger being is responsible for all of that. It's not my concern or worry. I can choose to listen to my bigger being. I can choose to trust. I can choose to allow it to pull off it's magic. I can choose to pay attention. However, if my bigger being makes a choice for me to win the lottery, I will win the lottery as soon as the physical circumstances can be arranged, no matter what I do. It's not about me getting stuff.

    It's about me enjoying myself fully. (That's a deep sentence.) And that could mean even while violent, depressed, sad, or angry.

    How from my limited vantage point can I even be expected to know what the best circumstances for me are? My bigger being knows... so I trust that part of me. My bigger being, is not your bigger being, is not "the universe", is not some external "goody-goody" entity. It's ME, and I always have the best intentions for myself, even if I don't always understand them from a particular perspective from which I am currently operating.

    How do I speed up the process of self discovery? Um... pay attention to myself more? Enjoy myself more? Make MY OWN decisions. Play with myself more? LOL


    And... unlike what Allbedamned says... my bigger being never leaves me... never doesn't join me where I go. My bigger being is ALWAYS there, whether I'm aware of it or not, whether I'm "allowing" it or not, and it's always working things out in my favor whether I'm being "good" or not. Always.

  35. You know... I also want to add, that when something is really true. It's easy to understand. It amazes me now how many questions people have that just never get answered properly. And how those same questions just keep coming up over and over and over again around flaw of attraction.

    It's like what you're saying about how deep down, it just doesn't sit right. That's because deep down, it's stealing your power, and any being that's done any amount of self discovery, will fundamentally feel this and revolt from it, whether they consciously understand it or not.

    What throws people off though, and what creates the addiction, and what obscures these pangs of internal conflict is the sweet soothing words that you'll acquire a magic wand that will allow you to control the entire universe...

  36. Andrew,

    I'm not sure what excerpt your reffering too. If it's one of the two I posted in the Abe thread I can go back and try to find the two interviews of the people that expressed those perspectives about channeled entities.

    If it's the one posted up above in your blog, I wrote that towards the end of the thread in abetalk and just copy/pasted it over here as a summary of the thread.

    I'm not entirely sure what you mean by Integral. If it's Ken Wilbur and his peeps, then no. I can't say I've ever really read more than a few chapters of Wilbur's perspectives.


    True Dave

  37. "If you carefully examine channeling you will see that it does not mention the Sovereign Integral, the silence that is you."

    It was this sentence in particular that through me. Hmmm...

    I'm not very silent. I'm very loud and verbose, as you can see from the novel long comments above. LOL :-)

  38. I should have added that it's a very well written dissection of channeling in general, and that one line really actually sums up the whole post.

    I personally would change that line to: "If you carefully examine channeling you will see that it does not mention the inherent power you are as an existent consciousness to choose every detail of your own experience."

  39. I was meaning to post a reply to your question about where I got the excerpt in relation to Soverign Integral. I got it here

    The interview that James talked about channeling is somewhere on the WingMakers site.

    If you like entertainment concerning the problems the government faces with time travel ( basically getting caught ) check out the Dr. Neruda interviews. Not sure how much truth is involved but it was a fascinating read.


    True Dave

  40. Then it's just my "reaction" to the word Integral. I must admit I hated Calculus.

    Time travel does happen. I have no idea if those interviews are true or not, but I guess they're tools for those wanting to include that in their reality. Although, that version also includes grays and who knows what else.

    Only the individual knows the "truth" of it for themselves.

  41. "Pooks, are you retarded?"

    When measured against whom or what?


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