Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Another Stupid Ad from a Lie of Attraction Teacher

Here's another one that "thinks" the "lie of attraction" may be incomplete, but stood and and told us all what it was to begin with.

Monday, April 6, 2009

An Add that Makes Me Mad - Part 2

Here is an advertisement from Wayne Dyer. The direct link is right there. (This ad has audio, so you may want to avoid it, or turn the sound down, if you are at work.)

The OPENING statement on this ad is:

Use Wayne Dyer’s 20 minute meditation
technique to manifest whatever you want in life.

That is fundamentally an empty promise. It is a promise that Wayne Dyer has no ability to deliver, demonstrate, or guarantee. It says WHATEVER you want in life. There are no conditions are limitations placed upon the above statement. That means I can manifest your head on a platter, or the destruction of the planet. Right? If we take that statement literally, that is.

But, but, but... Ok, so now the BUTS start. So whether you "believe" in "law of attraction" or not, the so called "teachers" of it are vastly misrepresenting it, even though I don't believe it exists at all. They are promising everything, and delivering nothing. Wayne Dyer says, in this ad, that you are literally 30 days from whatever you want.

Ok, where is the growing pool of people that have won the lottery after following his system? Where?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Warm and Inviting Smiles - Part 1

This video really creeps me out, and it's not for the reasons that some people will assume. If you've read my book, Attractive Promises, you will understand why "warm and inviting smiles" really unnerve me, especially with this happy-go-lucky, we're ready to accept you fully into our midst music.


Alignment with Self - Part 1

This video is interesting to me, for several reasons. The first kid impresses me, because he's being himself. He's doing what a real mountain biker would do, which is plan and calculate and "feel" his next move. He's careful. He's deliberate. He's bringing a lot of thought into what he does. I appreciate that. It's not about whether he makes it or not. We all make mistakes from time to time, but he was being himself.

The second guy is good too, and even though he "makes" it, it's not quite as meaningful for me as the first kid. I could watch that first kid for hours. It's like watching an artist work. The second guy is impressive, don't get me wrong. It's just not my personal preference of style. I have a right to my preferences.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Be Beautiful - Part 2

I love people that RUN with what they've chosen.

** Why not try some Meaningful Dialog for a change. **

Agreements - Part 1

The agreements we make are very important. Others can very much create in our realities when we give them the opportunity. There's an implied promise here that nothing will go "wrong". Promises don't mean squat after the fact.

** Why not try some Meaningful Dialog for a change. **

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Meaningful Dialog

Alex Baranosky and I have started a new forum called Meaningful Dialog at MeaningfulDialog.myfreeforum.org. The intention of this forum is to create an environment where ALL users can express their opinions and observations freely without receiving abuse. Our intention is to define a set of protocols which encourages members to express themselves, and allow others to pose meaningful questions in the endless puruit of UNDERSTANDING, CONNECTION, and GROWTH. None of these end results implies AGREEMENT. We may or may not agree, but we CAN understand one another, and we CAN find harmounious ways of living and interacting with one another whethe we AGREE or NOT.

This is a WORK IN PROGRESS. We want this to be MEMBER RUN and MODERATED. We are currently in the beginning stages and want to discuss and define what Meaningful Dialog is, and how we should setup the "rules", and enforcement of those rules. The rules are not meant to silence or discourage anyone. They also should allow MAXIUM expression.


This is my personal stated intention. I don't want nor need people to agree with me, but I want to be able to discuss, play with, and bounce ideas around, with people that recognize and understand that multiple perspectives are a VERY GOOD THING.

So... the forum is... MeaningfulDialog.myfreeforum.org.

The Flow of Self - Part 4

This conversation was moved to Meaningful Dialog.

Andrew's Previous Response:
a) I agree that we are in a sub-reality. There ARE sub-realities within sub-realities within sub-realities within sub-realities. My, all of me, is wanting to understand these sub-realities and be VERY AWARE of them so that I can deliberately and consciously make meaningful decisions about the ones I WANT to participate within, and free myself from any that I have inadvertently become a slave to.

b) For example, what I know about how MY body works (not including anyone else there), is that it is VERY different from what science, or matrix energetics, or religion, or whoever teaches. From my direct experience and connection to me, I'm getting the results I WANT, that I never got through any other means, including martial arts and chi and meditation.

c) Continuing an example along those lines. My parents have beliefs about teeth. Several months ago, my parents sat down and were trying to reinstall their sub-reality about teeth. Without listening to me, without acknowledging my beliefs or "reality", they were attempting a hostile take over, which most humans engage in without being aware of it. My dad at one point said, "Don't your teeth ever just ache or hurt?" My flow put my hand over my mouth and I said, "Nope. They're my teeth." He was psychically projecting a reality where teeth decay and are injured and have no ability or propensity to repair themselves.

I disagreed with their sub-reality. A few days later, my dad was pissed, talking about how his teeth were now hurting. He created an aggressive purposeful thought form, and when I didn't take it or accept it, it had to return to its owner. He has no belief in reality creation or thought space, but I watched him do it. I was aware of him doing it while it was happening, even though he is completely unaware of it.

The reality underneath the sub-realities.

Alex's Third Response:

a) That is a noble calling. My All Of Me, also is called by this desire for awareness.

b) Interestingly, if I stop doing some of the chi/martial arts things I do, my All Of Me, always ends up having me go back. So now I don't stop :) I get a ton out of it anyway. Even if there was no purported benefit to the art of Shaolin Cosmos Chi-kung, it just feels so good.

Andrew's Current Response:

And this I DEEPLY respect. This is YOUR privilege, YOUR right, YOUR gift to yourself, YOUR joy, YOUR self directed YOU. My Bigger Self also has me (very rarely though) go through an internally directed form, which is harder than ANY form I have ever seen. But, when I'm in alignment, it's very easy. And this is the point my Bigger Self is showing me. I (notice I said I) shouldn't be "doing" it to achieve, I should be doing it because it's what I want to do. Which is what you're saying, I just don't want cause confusion. I'm agreeing actually. Just adding unto.

Alex's Third Response:
Actually our chi-kung and Shaolin Kungfu contains within it the concept of flow. For example, when choosing which pattern to practice some students "let the chi" decide. Or, there is a level of practice to the kung-fu called the "mind" level (after form level, and energy/chi level), where the student directs the mind and the mind directs the body and energy. In the chi-kung the practitioner let's the chi (energy) flow direct them. I find all of this very fulfilling, and yet I am aware that it is a sub-reality, actually I embrace that fact and take it on fully. It is a very joyful sub-reality and one that brings good result, as opposed to many sub-realities that just suck you in and chew you up, like the teeth example from part C... By result I mean, person A + sub-reality B = result C... No effort involved, just simple consciousness arithmetic.

Andrew's Current Response:

I believe in your experience you have had FAR BETTER teachers than I ever had, and this impacts our current perspectives on martial arts. Within the context you describe, I feel harmony. Within the context I was in, there was disharmony. But, my Bigger Self wanted me to experience and understand than, for the purposes I have in being here. I agree, that in some respects, SOME martial arts are better than other sub-realities, because they can lead to SELF MASTERY, which is just a fancy word for BE YOURSELF. This isn't true in all martial arts, or under all teachers. Where I'm at now, I don't need a teacher, because I'm my own teacher. (I'm not saying you do.) I'm just saying it would be pointless for me to try and find one, since my Bigger Self is right here ready to bring me any of that type of information I'm wanting.

Alex's Third Response:
I am also getting the results I want, like you! Fascinating. I am always interested in hearing more about your experiences with sub-realities and experiences that may not fit into the norm. Those are the ones that expand our perceptions of what *IS*, and therefore what could be for me, or you, that we may have not been previously aware of.

Andrew's Current Response:

Agreed! I love people SHARING themselves and their experiences, like the one you share right below this comment of mine. I DRAW SO MUCH information from this, even though it's a taoist, and I know he's in a sub-reality. I don't judge him for that. I actually appreciate that he's living that experience to it's fullest and bringing ME value in the process, which I will elaborate on below. THANK YOU FOR SHARING IT. Truly. This is a REMARKABLE story.

Alex's Third Response:
Oh, I would like to share a story my teacher has talked about. It is of my teacher's teacher. Sigung Ho Fatt Nam was among other things a master of Taoist magic. He had taught my teacher's fellow student this art of Taoist magic, and he was demonstrating it for everyone in the class in a ceremony of sorts where he lopped at his leg with a large sword sharp enough to cut very very badly. Normally the sword would bounce off when he would strike his leg, but this time he was not so fortunate. He had had sex with his girlfriend the night before, who was on her period. The Taoists (apparently) believe the woman's blood to be "dirty", and the Taoist gods that interacted with the magician and supported the magic, "didn't come" so to speak. He lopped his leg down to the bone and blood was spewing everywhere. My teacher suspected he'd die if his teacher Ho Fatt Nam hadn't done what he did next. He quickly took a piece of paper, and wrote some Taoist symbols on it in "air pen", maybe said some words over it too, I forget that detail. Then he put this piece of paper over the cut, maybe said some more words, and the cut stopped bleeding IMMEDIATELY. By the next day his GIANT, GAPING WOUND was totally gone.

Andrew's Current Response:

This story DEEPLY impresses me, because it absolutely demonstrates that the sword is razor sharp all the rest of the times when it actually bounces off. In other words, this guy isn't faking it. He didn't wake up that morning and say, "Today, I'm going to gash my leg open, while trying to demonstrate my protective magics." Plus, because he got cut, he ended up demonstrating another aspect of his reality by using the paper to quickly heal an "injury". Beautiful!

From my perspective, he is creating and/or summoning and/or activating thought forms, which provide various services. My Bigger Self has me going down this same path, but without the "rituals" and "rules" involved in a sub-reality. In other words, he has to make some exchanges and trades in order to get the "magic" to happen, because those are the rules he has agreed to play by. Allowing my own internal magic to come forth, there are no rules, unless I'm imposing them on myself, or allowing someone else to impose them on me, which is WHY I want to be very AWARE of the agreements I'm making. I'm sure I still have some, and when I notice them, I'll do something about them.

Remember Jimmy the Green, who I now call Yimmy the Green, because it's funnier. One morning about 2 or 3 months ago, I woke up, and there was tapping on my chin. I wasn't half asleep. I was fully awake, and there was hard tapping on my chin. Repeated tapping. It didn't hurt, but it was so strong, I would have been surprised if someone in the room wouldn't have heard it, although there was no one there with me. I couldn't help but smile and laugh. It was undeniable within my experience, and there were no other explanations. LOL!

I created some particularly nasty thought forms for two individuals, who shall remain nameless, within the "I AM 2 pointing like Mad!" thread. This is why my Bigger Self brought up Dune and Mau'dib. My Bigger Self wanted me to remember how technology was able to bring thought forms into form, but also wanted me to realize the "technology" is not necessary. It is merely my choice that is enough. Thus, I have already pulled the trigger, for two that have given me their power. I am joyfully looking forward to see how things play out, and I have no actual expectations, since it's just an experiment at this point. But, I can feel that energy, and I can feel them feeding it, right now. Fascinating. But, I can't do this to people within their our realities, who are not giving me their power. Impossible. So, there were warnings, they were ignored, I said, "Hey, I might as well go for it, and see what happens." I had a very interesting flowed "ritual" and created some magical looking symbols, which I have documented in my email account, for further "evidence" in the future, should the need arise.

Andrew's Previous Response:
You gave him what he was demanding. All violence begins with a demand. The demander is violent. He was demanding you submit. You said NO in a language he could understand from his current perspective. Some demanders (violent beings) can only hear you when you kill them.

Alex's Third Response:
Like mosquitoes. =D

On another level this applies to agreements between people. "Please don't say BLANK to me, or please don't do BLANK to me, etc." If that doesn't work, then you yell. If that doesn't work, then you might purposely embarrass them in public. If that doesn't work maybe you leave them to walk home 3 miles in the rain. Etc... It's just simple courtesy, I think :)

Andrew's Current Response:

I used to have a friend that when a mosquito would land on his arm he would say, "Get off. Get off. Get off." and then he would smash them. And then he would say, "I warned 'em."

p.s. I REALLY want to figure out some forum we can go to and continue this immensely VALUABLE and BENEFICIAL conversation, so that you don't have to use the comment forms on this stupid blog. See, I'm taking you into account, because I value you as someone I want to continue having meaningful dialog with. I want you to thrive and flourish and share in the rewards and benefits we're both bringing to the table. I think we should start a Yahoo forum. I'll go research it after this. Heck, even if it's just us two talking, at least it's nicer than commenting back and forth here.

A Scientific Perspective I Appreciate

This is a very well reasoned and insightful video. Personally, I have experience of entities, not necessarily ghosts, but I would NOT ask someone to believe me, solely on my personal testimony. I'm not going argue scientific assumptions here, because this guys IS NOT arguing against "outside-the-box" thinking or experiences. He is very clearly and concisely defining what open-mindedness is, and identifying behavior that he has experienced, and I myself have experienced, even though our world views are very different.

I want to thank True Dave for posting this video. I REALLY ENJOY IT.