Monday, March 23, 2009

Abraham's Lies - Part 1

Here's a thread on the The Abe Forum (the official Abraham forum).

Now. assuming you read at least the opening post in that thread, and perhaps a few of the responses, it shouldn't take you any time to figure out there's a HUGE contradiction in their message here.

I'll wait while you think.

Ok... you didn't catch it I know, but think about this.

The TITLE of Abraham's most popular original book was "Ask and it is Given", right?
But what is this thread about? It's about, "How do I visualize so I can GET my stuff (faster, quicker, in greater quantities, gift wrapped, delivered by a super model, etc)."

The premise, THE FUCKING TITLE, is, "ASK and it is Given". BUT... it should really be...

Ask, and then visualize, and then work up the emotional scale, and then buy another book, and then come to the seminar, and then only talk pleasingly and upliftingly about Abraham only on The Abe Forum, and then make sure you really believe this stuff, and then, and then, and then, and then, and then... it MIGHT be Given... might be... if you're lucky, and you didn't complain to much, or have a few doubts or negative "episodes" along the way... maybe.

If you ASK to get your stuff, then that should be enough, but it's not, so apparently ASKING isn't really true, but as Abraham has stated on numerous occasions, "It's the best title of any book anywhere." Really? It's the best title, and yet it's in contradiction to your own double speak, fascinating...

There are TWO distinct messages coming through here, double talk. One is, "'Ask", the other is "Vibrate and Attract". These are not the same thing, and yet these answers are switched back and forth like they are.

Which leads us to a million threads all over the internet that have titles like this one... Trusting the Universe... (What if it just keeps NOT happening?)

Then perhaps you should start to really question and think about why you're buying empty promises from people and entities that cannot actually DEMONSTRATE any of the results they actually claim you'll get. Perhaps you should start to question whether they are actually telling the truth or pulling an elaborate control game over on you.

And if that's not enough... look at the forum guidelines... Forum Guidelines
The first line, THE FIRST LINE is: "All members, when they register, agree to abide by the following guidelines, which are set up to ensure that the forum remains a match to the intentions with which it came into being."

So apparently even the official forum of Abraham Hicks can't rely on "the universe" to actually deliver and match the "intentions" they set when they setup the forum. In order for them to get what they want they must force everyone to agree and must actively make their intentions known and must enforce those intentions at every turn. Where's "the universe" come into play here? Where does vibrational attraction come into play? It doesn't, BECAUSE IT'S A LIE.

And more importantly, where does Allowing come into play? Apparently allowing is only for the FOLLOWERS of Abraham Hicks, because FOLLOWERS should allow "the universe" to take forever to deliver, and FOLLOWERS should allow their teachers to contradict their own teachings, and FOLLOWERS should continue to be hopeful, and remain positive, even when the empty promises of Abraham Hicks that they paid dearly for fail to deliver any significant changes.

Whatever. Enjoy being a follower. Enjoy being lied to, at least you know "the universe" will deliver you more lies. At least that part of it works, right?


  1. Anything copied off Jodi's forum is not authentic. She runs that boot camp like any other military installation. NO foreign thoughts; NO foreign ideas. Just the way Esther(or maybe Jerry) likes it.

  2. So then what is authentic? According to the "law of attraction" if the humans representing and controlling the information are inauthentic, then the non-physical beings they represent must be inauthentic as well. Like attracts like, right? Turds of the nether stick together, and all that, right?

    "NO Foreign thoughts; NO foreign ideas." <- Just the way ABRAHAM likes it!

    So you're telling me that the people controlling the Abraham information aren't specifically created and attracted by Abraham themselves, the most power creators in all the know universe?

    The physical people, buildings, and structures around that information ARE the core reflection of what that information is ULTIMATELY all about. You cannot separate Abraham from the human drama surrounding it. You cannot pawn the "failings" off on the humans and let the non-physicals take all the glory, even though that is what's happening. They are the SAME thing. One is a direct reflection of the other. It must be, even according to their own stated "laws" of the universe.

    The "law of attraction" is a cleverly designed lie used by malicious non-physical entities to keep other beings from discovering their true power. This is directly reflected in the "official forum" which tries to lock people in to only 1 perspective, and not even the individuals OWN perspective. Lies and control, lies and control...

  3. May I ask, Andrew:

    What is your ulterior motive in exposing all these things that you experience as lies to anyone who may listen?

  4. If I happen to know someone is abusing someone else, I'm the type of person that DOES something about it, rather than just pretending everything is ok.

    I'm not forcing anyone to listen to me. If people want to be slaves, go be slaves. Enjoy that. For those that might be seeking a little more freedom, I may or may not have information that could be of use.

    I don't promise you can be, do, or have anything you desire. I don't promise your circumstances will change. But I do believe there is a path of joy through whatever life you have chosen for yourself.

  5. "Hurt me," said the masochist.

    "No," said the sadist.


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