Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Toaster Method for Universal Domination

This is my third book. I think the cover speaks for itself.

The Toaster Method
Universal Domination
Andrew Wilcox


  1. I used to believe that toast and toasters were in league with each other and plotting against me in order to ruin my toast experience.

    I now know that the contrast of a plate of toast is perfect, as each piece is unique and brings its own delight every time.

  2. Not every piece brings delight. There are the pieces that are so hard and burnt they would break your teeth. There are the pieces that look promising, smell wonderful, talk such sweet loving words of wisdom, that then kill you, because they're made out of fiberglass. There are such pieces.

  3. Yes, the delight in the contrast. To be able to know the difference between pleasure and pain, otherwise either would have no meaning.

  4. All of a sudden we're just not here or there anymore.

  5. I guess that's all I was gonna get eh? LOL

    Take care.

  6. The real question is...

    Does dreaming of a perfect piece of toast while eating one made out of fiber glass change your circumstances.


    If a man dreams of a tree falling in a forest with no one around, does he still have to work for someone else in the morning?

  7. If you want to get a piece of toast, drive to the stinkin store! Buy some bread! :-)

    Toast the toast in the toaster!

  8. It's not the size of the toast. It's how you chew it.


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