Saturday, March 28, 2009

Meaningless Interaction #1

If someone makes disparaging remarks about my skin color, hair style, devious and/or deviant sexual practices, choice of ice cream flavor, mental health, physical body condition, and/or any other circumstantial condition that is my current life experience then this interaction falls within one of a very small number of absolutely meaningless possibilities:

A) This it the person's personal perception and bigotry, which cannot be argued, since perception and bigotry are choices. No matter how much I try to clarify or explain or offer proof to the contrary, the person will still choose to see what they want to see. If it's a stupid person with this perception, they will invariably use my clarifications and evidence as more evidence that they are right, because I'm protesting against their ridiculous perception and bigotry. This is meaningless and pointless and what I consider idiocy.

B) The person is abusive, and merely wants to put me down or attempt to make others see me in a bad light. This is more than meaningless and pointless. It's ABUSE. I don't care if they succeed in convincing others that my hair style deserves organized social abuse and rape, because anyone that follows their line of thinking is NOT someone I actually want to know anyway.

C) The person is stupid. It is pointless to communicate with stupid people, because, well, they're stupid. They either cannot read. (This does NOT imply that people that can't read are stupid. I happen to know some VERY smart people that cannot read.) Or, and this is more likely the case, they are too stupid to ACTUALLY read what is written, and merely respond, criticize, and deride what they make up in their minds. This is stupid. Why would you deride a hair style of mine that I never actually wore or described with words?

D) One or more, if not all, of the above, with a strong leaning toward C.

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