Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Abraham's Lies - Part 2

Here's an interesting thread on The Abe Forum (the official Abraham forum).

Here's a small quote from that post:

So, of course support is appropriate, but only within the specific guidelines of the Abraham Teachings. I truly believe that the best way we support one another is to expect the best, and with the power of influence and by discussing Abraham, uplift one another. In other words, a lot of "yes, I've been there and here's MY sad story..." posts are not the purpose of this forum. We don't want someone who is experiencing something unwanted to come here looking for "kindred spirits" that have gone through the same thing, or people who will offer sympathy ... this is not the "support" we want to see here. Of course, having gone through something similar and USED THE TEACHINGS is a PERFECT example to post!

Abraham only wants you to do what THEY say. They only want you to behave in the APPROVED manner. They do not want you to be yourself. They do not want you to think outside the lines. They want you to be a shining example of the teachings, so that more people will see how great these teachings work and buy more books and go to more seminars, so that the humans running "the show" can make more money, and Abraham can own your pathetic little soul.

The reason you don't see any COUNTER EXAMPLES on their site, is because they DELETE them all, and BAN the people that post them. They REMOVE all evidence that would indicate there is a problem with the teachings. Their followers aren't here to listen to you, to understand you, to help you, to have compassion for you. They're here to keep on smiling and say, "Look you really do have a sad story, and yeah those circumstances are REALLY bad, and I'm sorry there's someone beating you up right now as I'm speaking, but that's ALL YOUR FAULT. Stop focusing on those punches and that abuse, and go dream of rainbows, and everything will be ok."

The OFFICIAL Abraham forum is NOT about being yourself. It's about being a GOOD LITTLE FOLLOWER, and FOLLOWING and OBEYING the RULES, so that certain people can make more money, and certain non-physical entities can gain more control over your mind.

(I wonder how long it will be before they delete or remove the thread I quoted? If the link does not work, you can be assured it was there at one point.)


  1. Hmmmm. So they tell others what they belive to be true in their reality in the hope that others will be interested enough to purchase their material and in so doing they make money to buy things that will perhaps make them feel how they could feel without the money and going to all the bother of touring and dealing with the business side of things etc?

    Perhaps they enjoy it all.

    And after all; their life is deliberate; isn't it?


  2. And that has what to do with me?

    We can say the same about con-artists. That doesn't mean I have sit quietly while the con-artists swindle people.

    We can say the same about rapists. That doesn't mean I have to sit quietly while someone is getting raped in the next room.

    We can say the same about terrorist. That doesn't mean I have to sit quietly while someone blows me up.

    I get to LIVE, and that's why I AM here. I'm here to BE. I'm here to experience the FREEDOM of expression.

  3. "And that has what to do with me?"

    You are telling people what their reality is Andrew.

    "Your life is deliberate"

    My life is what I experience it to be according to my reality; it's not what you say it is because you've changed your mind about something. Ha!

    You used to be really funny man; now you're fucking hilarious!

  4. You and Jack have parted company and jack is in the past.

    You and the Hicks gang parted company and that is in the past.

    All you are interested in is you.

    Why are you hauling this ab/hicks shit around then?

    So you don't give a shit about people, but you do.



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