Monday, March 30, 2009

Marcel's Teachings - Part 1

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Marcel is a being that I appreciate and respect. Marcel is a dog. Marcel is not less than me. I am not superior to Marcel, simply because I hold the lease occasionally. Marcel is a consciousness that is deliberately choosing a set of physical circumstances for his own personal reasons and joys. Marcel is a GREAT TEACHER. I value the wisdom Marcel has made me aware of.

Be Alert

Pay Attention




Go for the Throat

Marcel will do WHATEVER it takes to stop pain and feel good. If another being forces Marcel to escalate his behavior, he will not feel bad about killing them the next day. He won't sit around and worry whether he did the right thing or not. He did the right thing in the moment based upon the above scale. There were AMPLE warnings along the way. He growled. He barked. He bit. He killed. The other being could have disengaged at ANY time, based upon the information they were receiving that their presence and/or behavior was unwanted to Marcel. It doesn't matter if their behavior is "socially acceptable" or "holy" or "spiritual". If Marcel arbitrarily decides in his own subject experience that it is unwanted behavior, he will go through this process. This doesn't mean he is asking the other being to change, or to stop doing what they're doing. He's merely suggesting that they stop doing it to him, otherwise he will escalate. It really is a very simple and beautiful wisdom, which I truly admire and am taking to heart.

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  1. So you've sunken to the level of an animal? :P

    Hehe... I loved this post.


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