Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Psychic Domination - Part 1

This video contains everything I want to express about psychic domination and entering someone else's reality. The first part of the video demonstrates several "chi masters" knocking people out with pressure points and then "touchless" hits. These work on their students, because the students have given their power away to their instructors. They have bought into that subreality.

Right at 5:00 in the video, which I strongly suggest watching, one of these "masters" takes on a normal martial arts student and gets taken to the cleaners. The chi guy gets beat up. He wouldn't have entered this demonstration if it wasn't real to him, if it was a fake. He would have avoided it all together. He thought he was going to win, otherwise he wouldn't have done it. The other martial artist though has not agreed to enter that reality, therefore those techniques don't work on him.

My point here is not to debunk chi. I had a martial arts school and I felt and could manipulate my chi. But, there is a deeper reality going on that is based in consciousness. Chi is just another subreality.

Giving one's power away to another being allows that being to do all sorts of things in one's reality. Yes, others can and will create in your reality if you allow them to do so, and most people are, because they're not aware of the decisions they're making, the realities they are in agreement with.

If you learn to feel thoughts and pay attention when you go to channeled seminars, you will quickly discover that you are entering different thought spaces. You are entering and agreeing to other people's thoughts and intentions. You are giving your power away. If that's what you want, fine. If not, you can make a new choice.

The next time you go to one of these seminars, and they ask you to sign their contract, in your mind say, "I do not agree to this." And then sign your name anyway. As you walk through the door into the seminar room, say, "I am my own. I do not agree to the thoughts and intentions of others." When the channeled entity asks questions of the audience, do not say, "Yes." Do not agree. And then, just observe. Watch what happens when you are not in agreement with the event. See if you notice or feel any difference. I'm not asking you to oppose them. I'm just saying agree to hold your own and be yourself.

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  1. Andrew,

    Could we also use this for negative emotions? Such as guilt? Guilt is usually someone else making us feel bad about something. Wouldn't that be giving our power away also?

  2. YES! Absolutely!

    Guilt is a control drama. Those little looks of disapproval... the tsk tsk tsk. Bah!

    Animals never feel guilt, because they never let anyone tell them they did anything wrong, even if they did eat your whole birthday cake and chew up your new slippers. Yeah, sure, they might get punished, but it doesn't sink in like it does with humans. They don't beat themselves up over it.

    I had a job where the boss was maniacal about being on time... I'm was a friggin' computer programmer. I sit at a desk and do my job. I rarely would talk to anyone, unless there was a meeting or I had a direct question or someone need something from me. It absolutely did not matter what time I was there so long as things got done. But they needed to psychically dominate me. It was just the external physical control drama behind the thought projection of control. It got to where I absolutely could not get to work on time, no matter what I did. My inner being was like, "Fuck you." And god I tried, I tried soo hard...

    This is the last job I had, and about 5 days after I left, I literally felt the control thought they had been projecting leave my right shoulder. It felt so good. I FELT the thought leave.

    You can try this experiment. Go to a mall or some place with a lot of people, and just hold a thought about something you would like people to do. They will start doing it. Like stop and stand in this spot. Or look at me. Or don't look at me. Anything. You're projecting a thought out there, and some will pick it up and be influenced by it. Some won't. The stronger you can project thoughts and the more submissive the people around you are, the more "control" you have, but this is false control, and is not my path of joy. There's a much easier way to get what you want.


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