Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Psychic Domination - Part 6

Here are two videos which highlight an interesting thought Abraham is asking their followers to agree with, a thought that creates internal self separation and makes Abraham God. Thus, making this movement, another religion, a FOR-PROFIT religion, although all religions actually are for-profit, some just have tax exemption.

The first video is on YouTube presented by the user AbrahamHicks which I have to assume is the official Abraham-Hicks presence on YouTube. The title of the video says, "Law of Attraction Directly From Source", which is Abraham speaking, making Abraham "source", which is a clever name for "god".

The second video is a speech by Abraham. At 1:30 in the video, Abraham says, "When you've shown yourself how easy it is to come into alignment with source..." Think about that. They don't say come into alignment with your SELF. They say come into alignment with source, who is apparently, Abraham. It's not ok to just BE YOURSELF. You must BE what source wants you to be, and then you get rewarded. Very subtle, but you are agreeing to that thought. Psychic domination at its finest. The words are so subtle and smooth you don't realize what you're buying into. There are a ton of these subtle control thoughts around Abraham's words, but I leave the rest up to you to discover on your own.

(I full expect one or both of these videos to be deleted off YouTube. Whatever.)

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  1. Abraham says, "When you've shown yourself how easy it is to come into alignment with source..."

    My warning meter went nuts when I read this a while back. My first thought after reading it is:
    "How do I know what source thinks?"

    "Why do I care?"

  2. I tell you what "source" wants for you.

    Source wants you to buy more books, CDs, and seminar tickets.

  3. You mean, as well as or instead of buying your stuff? LOL.


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