Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Books (A Detailed Accounting)

Alex Baranosky, whom I appreciate and respect, has read my mind, or perhaps I should say DEMONSTRATED his connection with himself and expressed his awareness of exactly what I was going to post next, and thoughtfully through his inner connection created a perfect doorway for me to do so. Thank you.

I am moving his comment up, so that it is easily readable, and I am responding to each statement individually.

Alex Says:

You are nothing, if not thorough!
Andrew Responds:
Desperate times call for desperate measures.
Alex Says:
Unrelated note, it is my opinion that you would do better to have some longer explanations of what the 2-3 books you wrote contain on the links to purchase them.
Andrew Responds:
Alex Says:
The money you are asking for is a bit more than you have in the past, and the more money, then the more people *in general* expect to read about something before purchasing. I personally don't feel I get a good sense of what they are about.
Andrew Responds:
Unfortunately, the books are self-published on Due to the nature of how this process works, they are more expensive that I would actually like to charge for them. For me to retain the possibility for having the books distributed on Amazon or other comparable sites, I have to charge the prices indicated. These were actually calculated by Lulu, based upon the production costs of the book, and the associated markups taken by Lulu and Amazon.

If you do order a book directly from Lulu (my books aren't on Amazon currently), I do make the most profit, but in order to retain the POSSIBILITY for future distribution, I have to charge he prices indicated. I did mark them up by a few cents, literally, to make the prices even dollar amounts.
Alex Says:
A table of contents or a breakdown of the table of contents, for example, could make the books seem more enticing...
Andrew Responds:
There is a 10 page preview of each book on the website. If you go to that site, and look at each book individually, there is a 10 page preview where you can read both the table of contents and the first few pages. I agree that this is not enough, but it is there. I will further detail each book, individually, shortly.
Alex Says:
Just a thought :)

All the Best,
Andrew Responds:
And to you my friend. Thank you.

Attractive Conspiracy
Lies, Half-Truths, Contradiction

This book is NOT for everyone. This book is for people who have been following law of attraction and are honestly observing the results they are receiving and noticing that they are NOT getting the results that they were promised. This book is NOT for people who don't follow the lie of attraction. This book IS for people who may be sitting on the fence, and are beating themselves up trying to figure out what they did wrong, and why the EMPTY PROMISES they have been sold are not yielding the claimed results. This is a tough book. I speak roughly and aggressively. I challenge any lie of attraction teacher or follower to read this book and honestly address the contradictions and the lies I believe I have found. AND... I challenge any lie of attraction teacher of follower to consistently and predictably demonstrate manifestation through pure focus, intention, and vibration. It can't be done.

This book is not specifically about the lie of attraction. It is about the techniques and methods swindlers, con-artists, and abusers use to sell EMPTY PROMISES to poor and desperate people, while convincing those poor and desperate people that they are living gods incarnate. This book is darkly humorous and possibly disturbing, but not violent or gory. I'm laughing just thinking about this book now. It's really funny to me, and I believe the 10 page preview is enough to give you a taste for what is contained inside. Even the table of contents is funny to me. I sincerely WISH I was the type of person who could in good conscious pull these techniques off, because I would be a god damn millionaire savior, but I can't. I'm not that person. I cannot take advantage of poor, desperate, needy, stupid people. It's NOT Who I AM, although I sincerely wish I was, so that I could savor all that sweet bank-account-filling evil.

The Toaster Method for Universal Domination

This is a joke. This book is referenced in "Attractive Promises", and is provided for continued amusement and joy. This book is FULL COLOR, FULL BLEED, which means every page is totally inked out. You can see a 10 page preview, which will give you a taste. This book IS ridiculously OVERPRICED, although it is expensive at core, because it is FULL COLOR, FULL BLEED. The overpriced nature of this book IS part of the joke. It is an intrinsic part of the joke. This is a life changing process which can grant ANY wish (almost), so it MUST be highly expensive and flashy. I am working on ways to make another version of this book that is less expensive, since I am a altruistic and deeply caring individual, which shall be titled, "The Slightly Less Effective Toaster Method for Universal Domination". Coming soon.


  1. Oh, I didn't know you could preview the first 10 or so pages of the books. That is better :)

    And I just noticed they are paperbacks.

  2. "Turn your toaster into a MAGICAL toaster, by adding a cute face."



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