Thursday, April 2, 2009

Meaningful Dialog

Alex Baranosky and I have started a new forum called Meaningful Dialog at The intention of this forum is to create an environment where ALL users can express their opinions and observations freely without receiving abuse. Our intention is to define a set of protocols which encourages members to express themselves, and allow others to pose meaningful questions in the endless puruit of UNDERSTANDING, CONNECTION, and GROWTH. None of these end results implies AGREEMENT. We may or may not agree, but we CAN understand one another, and we CAN find harmounious ways of living and interacting with one another whethe we AGREE or NOT.

This is a WORK IN PROGRESS. We want this to be MEMBER RUN and MODERATED. We are currently in the beginning stages and want to discuss and define what Meaningful Dialog is, and how we should setup the "rules", and enforcement of those rules. The rules are not meant to silence or discourage anyone. They also should allow MAXIUM expression.


This is my personal stated intention. I don't want nor need people to agree with me, but I want to be able to discuss, play with, and bounce ideas around, with people that recognize and understand that multiple perspectives are a VERY GOOD THING.

So... the forum is...

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