Friday, April 3, 2009

Agreements - Part 1

The agreements we make are very important. Others can very much create in our realities when we give them the opportunity. There's an implied promise here that nothing will go "wrong". Promises don't mean squat after the fact.

** Why not try some Meaningful Dialog for a change. **


  1. Fuck.

    As soon as I heard the engine rumbling I knew I didn't want to be watching that video.

  2. And YET... you kept on watching. You could have stopped the video at anytime before the crucial moment, just like that guy under the board. Agreements! :-)

  3. I almost did, actually. I was 50-50. If it happened slower maybe I coulda managed :P


    What exactly do you mean by agreements, there?

  4. Well, so far on this blog. All the videos I have posted have been pleasant and uplifting, in my opinion. So, here I post a disturbing video, but we sort of have an unwritten, unspoken, unconscious agreement that the videos I post are uplifting.

    It's a subtle point, and I'm not saying it's true for everyone, but I sort of "captured" your attention, even though we all sort of know something "not so good" is going to happen.

    It's like the guy under the board. He could have stopped it long before it got to that point. Why didn't he listen to himself?

  5. Ahhh. I see. I get your point I think.

    Though you never know what the guy getting run over got out of the experience. For all we know it was a life-changing moment.

  6. Yes... I think he had a deep realization, something along the lines of... "Don't be stupid."


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