Friday, April 3, 2009

Be Beautiful - Part 2

I love people that RUN with what they've chosen.

** Why not try some Meaningful Dialog for a change. **


  1. That was badass.


    I was just thinking yesterday:

    "No matter what you feel is your reality, I personally want to do it to its full logical conclusion. If you believe in God: do it all the way. If you believe in science, go all the way. Whatever you experience as real, live that all the way. That's all you can really do! And it's the best way to find out if what you are living is working for you or not."

  2. I agree. All the way!

    However, MY HOPE is that anyone living their reality all the way, will have the decency and respect to ALLOW ME to live mine All the Way as well. If someone believes in God, and I don't, we can still be kind and helpful to one another, and not NEED the other person to change their perspective or agree.


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