Monday, April 6, 2009

An Add that Makes Me Mad - Part 2

Here is an advertisement from Wayne Dyer. The direct link is right there. (This ad has audio, so you may want to avoid it, or turn the sound down, if you are at work.)

The OPENING statement on this ad is:

Use Wayne Dyer’s 20 minute meditation
technique to manifest whatever you want in life.

That is fundamentally an empty promise. It is a promise that Wayne Dyer has no ability to deliver, demonstrate, or guarantee. It says WHATEVER you want in life. There are no conditions are limitations placed upon the above statement. That means I can manifest your head on a platter, or the destruction of the planet. Right? If we take that statement literally, that is.

But, but, but... Ok, so now the BUTS start. So whether you "believe" in "law of attraction" or not, the so called "teachers" of it are vastly misrepresenting it, even though I don't believe it exists at all. They are promising everything, and delivering nothing. Wayne Dyer says, in this ad, that you are literally 30 days from whatever you want.

Ok, where is the growing pool of people that have won the lottery after following his system? Where?

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