Monday, April 23, 2007

Deepest Understanding

After this weekend in San Antonio at the Abe seminar, but not attending the seminar, I realized I have the deepest "understanding" of Law of Attraction there is. Abraham-Hicks has a vast collection of information on the Law of Attraction as channeled by Esther, but I have the most complete interpretation and application of the principles involved. They are two pieces that go hand in hand.

The intentions of this forum state Abraham Related material, but the intention behind the intention is Abraham-Hicks Related material. There is a difference. The intentions themselves are protectionary, which means they are not aligned intentions. Abraham is speaking to us through any and all Sources, including Andrew Wilcox. However some are not prepared to receive this. It's ok. It's natural. Everyone is where they're at.

There is an assumption here that if I'm not allowed here and choose to leave, that I have somehow miscreated. I'm getting everything I want. There are those that have attained infinite joy listening to my words. There are those that have not. Some are open and allowing of me, others are not.

What I AM receiving through all of this interaction is detachment from Abraham-Hicks. This is critical for me, and really anyone who wants to achieve their full potential, because as the Center of the Universe that each of us are, there should be no one above us.

Now, those are just words, and I can feel that many cannot receive them. It's no different than the people that come to Abe seminars or sit in the hot seat and don't hear anything Abe says. They aren't in a place to allow the vibration that's being translated. It's not a judgement or a criticism. It just is.

So the above statements come after I spent two days in San Antonio, and had some amazing flow experiences. I cannot recount the whole experience here, but I will in my own venue.

As many of you will come to understand, I am so blended, so aligned, that I have allowed Source to move my body. I literally have given up physical control of my body to the Universe, because I trust Source that much and can allow that freely. What this means is that I don't make moment by moment decisions as to what I should do or where I should go. I focus my mind upon what I want, and the Universe guides me to it. I can always go against my flow, but why would I do that? When I follow my flow I get everything I want. Basically, I have extended my emotional guidance system into my entire body, because All is One.

So here's one highlight of my weekend.

I go to the seminar with a friend. He wants to go, and I just want to go to San Antonio. We get to the hotel and go to the room. I'm feel the desire to meditate so I lay down on my bed and start breathing. He wants to help the Abe staff setup the seminar, so he goes down stairs, and says I can help if I want to. I breath for awhile, and then I fall asleep. I have some wild dreams, but I don't remember them, and then I hear someone whistle. It sort of brings me out a bit but I'm still asleep. Then I hear the whistle again and I wake up, of course there is no one in the room. I get up and my guidance takes me about the room arranging some things. I laugh because I go into my bag get my toothbrush and toothpaste and set it on the sink in the bathroom. I personally wouldn't do that. I'd just wait till I wanted to brush my teeth, but that's the beauty of guidance, plus I hear "timing" in my head.

I'm then led to the door. I go out. I'm led down the hall and to the elevators. Literally right as I get to the elevators and am turned to face the one closest to me the doors open and out walk Jerry & Esther and their bellhop. The timing was to the second. They're rushed and in a hurry and say "good to see you again", but I can feel there's no vibration behind it. Now, here I am marveling at what my guidance has just pulled off yet again. This type of thing happens to me ALL THE TIME. See, this is Law of Attraction to the max. I'm not waiting for synchronicities. I AM actively physically deliberately being LED directly to all the stuff I want via the most direct route. So I'm unattached. There's nothing I need or want from Jerry & Esther. I have everything I want. Oh, as Esther and Jerry are walking down the hall Esther is saying their room numbers out loud. LOL. So I also know their exact room numbers which just happen to be one room down from mine. It's not that I even needed ti know, because my flow can take me directly there if that's necessary, but really I don't care where their rooms are. There is NOTHING I need from Jerry & Esther.

So I quiet myself for a moment, not knowing which way my flow will go. Am I going to the elevators or was that just so I could run into Jerry & Esther? My body starts moving back toward Jerry & Esther, and I think, "Oh, man. Here we go." So my body walks back down the hall and I sort of take over and keep walking toward my room, because I'm feeling a little uncomfortable breaking the social norms of interrupting people. I get just about to my room, and quiet myself again, because the ONLY thing that matters to me is that I follow my flow. I can feel the flow pulling me back toward them, so I say, "Ok. Fine. Let's see what happens." Please remember, I have NO agenda here. I have nothing to say to them. I have nothing I want from them. I don't need their approval or acknowledgement. They're just two people to me, who are who they are.

The flow walks me back and puts me right in-between their two rooms. The bellhop and all their luggage are on my left. Jerry is walking into his room on the left, and Esther is outside her room on the right, and I'm standing right in the middle of them. I know why my flow led me to do this. Because I'm so tuned in, I can feel vibration, and I was smack-dab in the middle of their vibration. I could feel what they had just been creating with their hurry and agitation, and I could feel their fear at my "strange" behavior. I could also feel how their fear was attempting to draw out other behavior from me, and I could feel how in situations like this people create their own circumstances. In other words, being afraid of someone gives them power and draws out the very behavior you're afraid of. Fortunately, I AM so centered, I didn't allow that vibration to influence me.

Esther said, "Are you stalking us?" Half joking, half serious.
I said, "No, but my flow is."
She said, "What is?"
I said, "My flow."

At this point my hands started doing a vibrational alignment on them. I didn't touch them as I was a few feet from each of them, but energetically this is very powerful. This is hard to describe, but knowing what I know, and my flow showing me and making me more aware of vibrations. I know what this type of thing can accomplish. My hands moved very slowly and non-aggressively.

Esther then starts saying, "All is Well. All is Well." She's projecting it at me, but she's doing it from a place of fear. This is what I'm talking about, information vs. understanding. I could feel the vibrational interaction between us. You cannot project "All is Well" at someone and get the results you expect. In fact you're creating the opposite. "All is Well" is an internal statement of knowing. "All is Well" there is nothing I, the individual, need be afraid of. I turned to her and said, "Yes, it is."

At this point, my flow immediately turned me down the hall and took me back to my room. This is how my weekend adventure started. I was in perfectly aligned flow the whole time. It was beautiful. The theme of the trip was understanding what happens when others are not receiving that which they ask for. I used to use others resistance as an excuse to beat myself up over, but no more. I will be me, whether others can receive what the Universe is trying to deliver through me to them or not, period. I'm always getting what I want, whether they're getting what they want or not.

Man... so much to tell. This was confirmed again to me later at the open house when I'm led to get a plate of food. I do. Then I'm led to sit down next to a very specific man. I sit right next to him even though I could have left a chair inbetween. His wife is on his left, and there are two women sitting across from them, and they're all having a conversation. They all ignore me. The obvious, you're not worthy ignoring. It was making me laugh. I was totally getting the whole theme of my weekend. I'm listening to their conversation. The man has cancer and they're all talking it up like there's no tomorrow. He's getting sicker right before my eyes, and I'm thinking did any of you actually listen to ANYTHING Abe said in the Abe seminar you all just attended!!! I'm laughing, thinking, "And here you have one of the most powerful vibrational healers sitting right next to you, and you can't receive him, because he doesn't measure up to your arbitrary standards." Then... THEN... one of the women sitting across says, "I wish we had someone here that's been doing this awhile, so we could ask them some questions." OMG! I'm laughing so hard on the inside without moving a muscle on the outside. Here they have ANDREW WILCOX, master of Law of Attraction right next to them, but they cannot receive me. The Universe had already answered their asking before they had asked, but they aren't in a space of receiving!!! I could have interjected myself on them, but why??? I could feel my flow keeping me still and quiet. All they had to do was say, "Hello, who are you?" That's it. But I didn't meet their standards, their ideas of what the thing they wanted should look like... See the pattern here? Jerry & Esther were both asking for something too, and the Universe was trying to deliver it through me, but they weren't in a place of receiving, because they saw me as yet another person trying to get something from them. There's no judgement here, no criticism, just pure observation.

I was getting everything I wanted, because I was getting a deeper understanding of Law of Attraction from non-physical's point of view. This is what I wanted. I didn't care if anyone was receiving me, because that's NEVER my concern. My concern is what I AM receiving, and I was getting what I wanted... UNDERSTANDING through direct EXPERIENCE.

So... Abraham-Hicks and this forum are not currently ready to receive/allow me. That's ok. I'm still getting what I want. And I know that what I want I will receive no matter who receives me or not. I follow my flow period, because it leads me to EVERYTHING that I want. It's not a matter of who likes me, or who approves of me, or what organizations will work with me. The ONLY thing that matters is that I feel good, I'm connected, and following my flow. That's my quickest easiest route to ALL that I WANT.

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  1. But you're missing something Drew, and who the hell am I to tell you what it is?


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