Friday, September 12, 2008

Thought Projection Art

These images have specific thought forms attached to them. If you get any strong impressions, let me know.





  1. They are very nice Andrew. You did these?

    A looks like cabbage at sunrise.

    B looks like wizard scrolls.

    C looks like fire under the ocean.

    No strong impressions. I hope you don't think you are going to put a spell on me with the art.

    Oh darnit I've gone cross-eyed again!

    Damn you Evil Andrew!!!

  2. A. i get a thought of different planes of reality - kind of like the wizard of oz. moving from one to another.

    B. very sensual. sex. smoke. passion.

    C. fire and water.

  3. Hi Andrew,
    Your art is very cool! My impressions are:

    A. The Brain, the left hemisphere and the more abstract and artistic right hemisphere.

    B. This one is passion, sex, blood, velvet and lace (texture,) also, it kinda looks like a very thick curtain, which I interpret as hidden and taboo.

    C. Clouds, storm, brainstorming, explosion.


  4. hey Andrew!! I've missed you much. I like the art very much. Here's what I got while contemplating A.

    mmmmmm.....brain food...Einstein...E=mc2,but move it over a skosh.

    whatever that means!!!!

    alyssa - formerly known as tiny

  5. Andrew, so nice to play with you here, it was fun.

    I don't know what "thoughts" you put into C, but I was blown away by the connection to you from it.

    From B I felt a verrrrrry strong pushing type energy.



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