Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I've finally allowed it. I have finally and fully received the answer to the primary asking I was holding before I began this current physical incarnation. I have fully removed money and others from my abundance equation which equates to complete and utter freedom. I don't have to work for anything ever again in any way, shape, or form. I don't need a job, my own business, money from others, people thinking favorably of me. I'm fully free to have anything I desire purely based upon the focus and alignment of my desire. I could literally walk the earth with only the clothes on my back and be completely taken care of. I've learned and allowed more since I made my previous post than in all the years I spent studying the Law of Attraction prior.

I give you this challenge. If you claim to know how to manifest things, or believe your "teacher" knows how to manifest things, then I challenge you to demonstrate your ability, or have them demonstrate theirs. It should never take longer than an hour. Heck, it really shouldn't take more than 10 minutes.

Where's that person? And why are people learning from people that can't demonstrate what they preach?

Andrew Wilcox - Evil


  1. Why is needing to know who can do whatever important?

  2. How's Jack these days? I don't see him on your facebook pages!

  3. Am I the only one who talks to you here or is everyone out Christmas shopping?

  4. It would seem that you and Old Jacko have gone your separate ways; on a human level that is. So what's the story Drew?

  5. Hi Andrew. I see you are selling things on LULU.

    I noticed "The Tone". Nothing new there pal. LOL. I have the same thing on one of my archived albums from years ago. A single note that when played affects one's vibrations.
    Also made a little device in the early 70s called a guest ejector. When played through a hi fi it produced a 14 hertz square wave that could not so much be heard than felt and made one feel really uncomfortable.

    Ha! Keep on truckin dude!
    Love ya!


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